Who needs Windows?

The cover of the September 1990 issue of BYTE Magazine showed a screen-shot of Windows 3.0, with following the sentence in big types:

“Who needs OS/2?”

With the endless delays of Windows Vista now is the time to turn the tables and ask this question:

“Who needs Windows?”

I urge you to take the Pepsi-Challenge with the alternatives, Linux or Mac OS X. I think you’ll like it.

And it’s easier than ever to try at least one of the alternatives.

Simply get a Linux Live CD, I recommend Ubuntu, and boot from it. Ubuntu is free, and the Live CD will leave your precious Windows untouched, at least until you get a Linux Install CD. Ubuntu comes bundled with the most important applications, including desktop productivity tools (OpenOffice.org), instant messaging (Gaim) and an Internet browser (Mozilla Firefox).

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