I hate it when it does that…

Charlie: So lieutenant, where exactly were you?
Maverick: Well, we…
Goose: Thank you.
Maverick: Started up on a 6, when he pulled from the clouds, and then I moved in above him.
Charlie: Well, if you were directly above him, how could you see him?
Maverick: Because I was inverted.
Iceman: [coughs whilst saying] Bullshit.
Goose: No he was man, it was a really great move. He was inverted.
Charlie: You were in a 4g inverted dive with a MiG28?
Maverick: Yes ma’am.
Charlie: At what range?
Maverick: Um, about 2 meters.
Goose: It was actually about 1 and a half I think. It was 1 and a half, I’ve got a great Polaroid of it, and he’s right there, must be 1 and a half.
Maverick: Was a nice picture.
Goose: Thanks.
Charlie: Eh lieutenant, what were you doing there?
Goose: Communicating.
Maverick: Communicating. Keeping up foriegn relations. You know, giving him the bird!
Goose: [Charlie looks puzzled, so Goose clarifies] You know, the finger
[gestures apprpriately]
Charlie: Yes, I know the finger, Goose.
Goose: I-I’m sorry, I hate it when it does that, I’m sorry. Excuse me.

F.AY!!! Big up to Masta Ace, Alan Kay, Tim Berners-Lee, Richard Stallman, Ben Hammersley, R.V.B, H.H.B, E.T, D.M, M.E, G.L, M.J, O.H N.O, J.T.R, P.P, N.T.F, P.L.R.T, K.H.A.Y, N.B, J.H, T.C.N and all the revolutionaries I haven’t meet yet (well I haven’t actually met P.P., Alan Kay, Tim Berners-Lee and Richard Stallman…).

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  1. Kim Bach Says:

    Since this was written, I’ve actually meet “King” Richard, that means that we’re down to three, and P.P. isn’t really that high on my list anymore, so two, TBL not a big fan either, but K! he’s my hero!

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