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Jeg rebooter baby?

Posted By Kim On September 5, 2006 @ 2:58 pm In Blogs,Bookmarks,Kim Blog (English) | 2 Comments

Bloggers Unite – or first planning meeting for Blogforum2 [1]

So just because you’re a blogger do you have anything in common with “these” people? Probably a lot and probably not a lot, but likely something, and maybe a lot…And who cares anyway, let’s just have some fun. And Kulturhus Islands Brygge [2] sounds A-OK with me…

So I guess I should attend, since I’m slowly, but securely, becoming a full-fledged blogger, you can say that I’m out of the closet (hey shut up over there, I’m not going back!)

Hey I might even make a living from it, not blogging, but networking, the social media revolution might actually happen, if we shed the shackles of old media, and just start creating.

It’s 1976 again and “WE’REYOU’RE PIGGY IN THE MIDDLE”.

Viva la revolution!

Hmm…Huskede jeg at gemme?

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