Marmorkirken was co-created!

I’ve just realised one of the many reasons I love Marmorkirken is:

It was sort of co-created – a work of the collective, and a great example of co-creation in Denmark, at least in “recent time”, that didn’t involve the labour movement, before that I think it was the Viking occupation of Britain! LOL!

Now you can co-create the next phase of the Marmorkirke by suggesting candidates for a female statue outside the Church!

I nominate:

Anne Palle
Maren Spliids
Agnes Bach

More inspiration (not too Danish nor “Christian”).

2 Responses to “Marmorkirken was co-created!”

  1. Kim Bach Says:

    Etta Cameron was in my thoughts originally, and on this day in history she was called back to her maker. Retire her soul, heaven has just become a better place.

    Give her a statue, she was a saint on a larger scale than most of the men that have statues outside Marmorkirken!

    That being said, she’d probalby resist the idea of a statue, she’d rather live on in our memories and hearts, a wonderful, wonderful woman!

  2. Kim Bach . Org » Blog Archive » Light my fire #nytmindesmærke Says:

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