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Flickr: SCHPAASTLER MOVIES – De er nogl’ dygtig’ dreng’ (og pir’)

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

The SchpaastlerFlickr: SCHPAASTLER MOVIES

Kunne godt tænke mig at lege med det selv, men de burde tage den til et højere niveau, og lave deciderede spoofs, ikke bare ændringer af teksterne, men også ændre billederne.

Oh well det er jo ikke deres koncept, men da de er så dygtige, kunne det være spændende at se hvad de kunne få ud af at deltage i en konkurrence som denne: Steve Jobs goes to the movies.

Og hvad med at tage den videre til album covers. Jeg kom også i tanke om en vellykket manipulation jeg lavede for 8 år siden, den ryger på Flickr på trods af tvivlsom copyright.

SOSUME 😉 – iDiamond – the ultimate BlingShuffle

Monday, August 20th, 2007

iDiamond iPod – iDiamond

I knew that there would be a market for “gadget jewellery”, but this bling-iPod shuffle from the Norwegian Jeweller Thomas Heyerdahl in Oslo is just a bit over the top, being priced at €31.000/US $41.000. The shuffle is adorned by a total of 430 diamonds, with 312 used for the player and 118 used for the earbuds.

Looking at the “diggs” this gadget is getting, it’s a great marketing stunt by Heyerdahl. The iPod is “iconic”, but I think that it would have been much more interesting if they had made an exclusive design, instead of relying on a $79 industrial design. OTOH, linking up with the hyped Apple brand is probably a smart move, and it’s unlikely that I’d heard about it, if they had done an exclusive design.

Personally I find the details about how the gadget was manufactured, much more interesting than the gadget itself.

It was manufactured by a Dutch company called Diaro Digital Design, using the 3D-modelling software Rhinoceros.

Kopiavidiamond2Details about the iDiamond from the Heyerdahl website:

  • 1 pcs. / Special edition / Not for commercial sale.
  • Produced for Heyerdahl by: Diaro Digital Design – Robert de Brueijs / The Netherlands /
  • 3D production: CAD / CAM 3D design / Rhinoceros
  • Wax model made by: Solidcape T66Bt2 Wax printer.
  • Casting method: Vacuumcasting
  • Diamond setting: Handcrafted micro Pavè setting.
  • Details engraved: Laser engraved details

Details about iDiamond aren’t available on the Diaro Digital Design website, but I suppose that they’ll update their site soon.

The pictures that accompanies this article were copied from the Heyerdahl website, and are most likely copyright Gullsmed Heyerdahl A.S., I consider my use of the pictures to be fair use.

KEWL Laptop from Dell (XPS M1330) – featuring Devo

Monday, August 6th, 2007

WOW! What’s going on these days…

Dell is seriously challenging Apple with their new laptops, and I just LOVE Devo, great new track. Even HP and especially LG delivers nice and cheap sub-notebooks these days.

And now that I’m turning to the “dark side” for my new job (ASP.NET development), I might get one – now do they have them in green 😉

Freedom OF choice is what you GOT – Freedom FROM choice is what you WANT (or that’s what Apple would like us to believe)

Reboot9: BBC “caught” using the “two-dot-O-M-G” word

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

BBC News Logoreboot 9 logoAs you might have noticed, I attended the reboot “(un)conference” in Copenhagen last week, and it was great.

I’d like to draw your attention to the feature “Rebooting the Web 2.0 age” on reboot 9 that BBC ran during the “(un)conference”.

Here’s a quote from the article:

The future of the web is being debated at Reboot 9.0, a leading European grassroots technology and design conference in Copenhagen.

But…”oh-my-two-dot-oh-NO” they’re using the “two-dot-O-M-G” dreaded “two-dot-oh-YEAH” word…

The big question here for the start-ups and opinion formers is how to use Web 2.0’s focus on community to build the next generation of web tools and become Europe’s Web 2.0 poster child.

I guess I can forgive the BBC, since the feature is “more than decent” ;-), and they capture some of the spirit of reboot in this quote:

This year’s conference theme is Human? with many speakers grappling with such deep philosophical queries as what it means to be human. One session was called Humanism 101.

Understanding human behaviour and how to adapt those behaviours to technology and the web rather than the reverse is rare for technology devotees. LogoAnd deserves all the love in the world, iTunes might never know what hit them.

However, it is no surprise as the big subject in the bars and on the grass outside was this week’s sale of London social software music service

Its creator Martin Stiskel, explaining why US broadcaster CBS would want to buy a music preference tool said: “They want to move from a content company to an audience company, giving the audiences control and learning from this and that’s why was their choice.”

I’m nominating for the price of being the “greatest service on the planet”, even though it makes it look like I have absolutely no taste in music – is it about time to get more discriminating, and start “acting my age, not my shoesize” – nah some people have actually expressed love for my personal radiostation ;-), and I get shouts like this:

Du er på alder med min far, men jeres musiksmag ligger usandsynligt langt fra hinanden. Det er meget godt klaret! Respekt herfra 🙂

(translation from Danish: You’re the age of my father, but your taste in music is unbelievably far from each others. That’s well done! Respect :)).

Reboot9 (un)conference “spinoff”: the conversation continues @ the “rebooters” mailing list

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

The great reboot 9.0 Jaiku backchannel posterI just joined the new google groups (e.g. mailinglist), called rebooters.

The purpose of the group, is to have a “permanent backchannel” for the reboot (un)conference, since backchannels, like the Jaiku backchannel from reboot9, has a tendency to “die”.

The mailing list has the following description:

Missing the brainshift experienced from talking to all the brilliant rebooters? Keep the conversation going between reboots here…

It’s a good idea – that would have been even better, if it was set up, officially, through the reboot website, but because website technologies change all the time, the use of a relatively low-tech solution, like a mailing-list, is a not as bad an idea as it sounds – e-mail still is “the lowest common denominator”.

This might help to avoid the frustrations I experienced, when I learned that the “reboot 8” site had it’s URLs changed, making it appear that a lot of information from 2006, had either been lost, or, at best, made (too) difficult to locate.

“I want my Permalinks”, and I’m looking forward to the continued discussions and next year, where I suggest that the organisers make away with the “Wired style dot-oh-NO” numbering scheme, and just calls the event “reboot”!

Some background

“Reboot” is, according to the website:

[…]a community event for the practical visionaries who are at the intersection of digital technology and change all around us[…]

Reboot usually takes place end May/start June, in Copenhagen Denmark.

Sex and Drugs and Drag’n’Drop: Macnyt T-shirt konkurrencen er i fuld sving

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
Sex and Drugs and Drag'n'Drop T-ShirtT-shirt.jpg

Originally uploaded by Wendelboe.

Macnyt T-shirt konkurrencen er jo i fuld sving (pun intended), og Wendelboe er kommet op med dette geniale design – desværre kan man jo ikke gå med den – alt for konventionel…

Designkonkurrence – Æbletræet – Vind en Nabaztag Kanin

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Æbletræ logoDesignkonkurrence – Æbletræet

Æbletræet – det åbne sted for Apple kulturen i Danmark – har, i anledning af sin 1 års fødselsdag, udskrevet en designkonkurrence, her er hvad de skriver:

I anledning af Æbletræets 1 års-fødseslsdag, har vi besluttet at det er på tide at tage sitet til det næste niveau, og få et liv, ahem, et webdesign.

Vi ved godt at indhold er konge, men…

Så alle I kreative sjæle derude: Kom med jeres bedste forslag, så kan det være netop du bliver den lykkelige ejer af en Kanin! JA du læste rigtigt en KANIN!

For at motivere jer udlodder vi i samarbejde med Nabz! en første-generations Nabaztag WiFi Kanin til de bedste webdesignforslag til Æbletræet.

Overordnet er vi interessede i et rent CSS design, helst uden brug af absolut positionering, og vi ønsker også at benytte det eksisterende logo (se billede) .

Vi har tidligere eksperimenteret med forskellige designforslag. Vi har dog ikke været helt tilfredse, men de give jer et indtryk af vores tanker om sitets design.

Vi har også eksperimenteret med et oplæg til en ny forside, som kan ses her.

Det er nogle af de tanker, vi er interesserede i at få med i et fremtidigt design, men der er egentlig frit slag.

Så brug din kreativitet.


Æbletræet får ret til at anvende designet
Du bliver krediteret som designer
Forslag skal være sendt til, senest den 30-April-2007 kl. 23:59 CEST

Vi vil gerne høre fra dig, så hurtigt som muligt, hvis du er interesseret i at bidrage med et design.

Note: Undertegnede (Kim Bach) er initiativtager til både Æbletræet og Nabz!


Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

Live from Macworld 2007: Steve Jobs keynote – Engadget
“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”

Yes, Steve Jobs was quoting Alan Kay, my hero, when he announced the iPhone – the next generation mobile communications device.

Karin Høgh mangler en hvid kanin

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

Kim Bach og Nabaztag kaninen ArseneLapinKarin Høgh blogger om podcasting: Jeg har Skype og Pamela nu mangler jeg bare en lille hvid kanin

Karin Høgh har skrevet en lille hvid kanin, bedre kendt som en Nabaztag, på sin ønskeseddel til jul.

Og hvad er det for en sælgertype på billedet?

Tjah…Undertegnede er faktisk blevet noget så usandsynligt som sælger på sine gamle dage, så du kan købe en Nabaztag gennem det danske Nabaztag fællesskab Nabz!, som jeg driver sammen med min gode ven Henrik Hammer, og vi hygger os voldsomt med det.

Det var faktisk Henrik der fik mig til at anskaffe en Nabaztag: “Vi skal have sådan en, og vi skal udvikle tjenester til den…”. Manden er gal! Og det var han, DEJLIGT gal, og endelig har vi gang i et fælles projekt, og et som rent faktisk er blevet til noget.

Tak Nabaztag, Violet og Henrik, I er bare alletiders!

KAFFE&VINYL: Ethiopian Jazz ROCKS!

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006
KAFFE&VINYL: Ethiopian Jazz ROCKS!KAFFE&VINYL: Ethiopian Jazz ROCKS! (Originally uploaded by K.Job).

KAFFE&VINYL is one of the coolest new places in Copenhagen, located in Skydebanegade 4, Vesterbro (my old hood).

KAFFE&VINYL is a coffeshop combined with a record store that predominatly sells vinyl records and EXELLENT coffe. When I was there somebody bought some Ethiopian Jazz, it’s obviously a BIG seller, and you can understand why, really groovy, to me it sounded a lot like the best hip-hop acts like Madlib.

KAFFE&VINYL is HIGHLY recommended, but could be addictive, but he carries almost no hip-hop, which is wise because the owner has no knowledge of the genre.

While I was there, and suggested that he should carry some, especially since it, along with punk and electronica, is the genre that has done most for the survival of the vinyl format, a woman in the store remarked that it should be banned! How IGNORANT, it’s like saying Jazz is bad just because bad Jazz exists.

Eventually it turned out that he did indeed have some hip-hop, the owner Christian, isn’t a fundamentalist, he also carries CDs.

RESPECTxtilted figure eight.