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Purpose [4] – Why?
History [5] – Was!
Facts [6] – Who?
Hobbies [7] – Likes!
Goals [8] – Ambitions?
Technical note [9] – Take back the web!

Purpose of my personal web-presence
I maintain a personal web-presence to provide some information about who I am. It is primarily of interest to yours truly, and is intended to help me understand myself, and to define personal goals. I suppose that it can be considered some kind of therapy.

I have, however, always been quite doubtful about how “wise” it is to have a personal web-presence, especially one that goes beyond a business card. My ex. business partner, for instance, thought that it was a very bad idea. I finally, after consulting with my family, decided on “Why? Because I can!”.

History of my personal web-presence
I have maintained a personal web-presence since 1999, this was sometime before weblogging became the phenomeon it is now. Until recently my web presence was part of bachnet.dk [10], but this site is now dedicated to my father [11], and the diary [12] he wrote while he was being treated for cancer of the larynx [13].


  • Born at the Hospital of Saint Joseph, Nørrebro Copenhagen on the 30th of October 1962
  • Christened Kim Bach, in Copenhagen on the 6th of january 1963
  • I’m still a member of the Danish National Church (Folkekirken), but I consider myself a “seeker”, and I hope that Denmark will separate Church and State soon
  • Danish national, but I consider myself a world citizen
  • Moved to Hvidovre, a Copenhagen Suburb, in 1968
  • Started in primary school, Dansborg in Hvidovre, in 1969 – back then we went to school on saturdays!
  • Spend three weeks in England attending a language school, in 1977
  • Confirmed in the Christian faith in the “The Church of Friheden” (“friheden” literally means freedom, in danish), Hvidovre, in 1977
  • Graduated primary school in 1978
  • Started in senior high-school (gymnasium), Avedøre Amtsgymnasium, in 1978
  • Graduated senior high-school in 1981
  • Made an attempt at gaining a degree in civil engineering, from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), I didn’t give up until 1992
  • Moved to Vesterbro, a neigbourhood of Copenhagen, in 1984
  • Fell in love for the first time in 1986, if you exclude my primary school crush
  • Started my first IT-company, specialised in pre-calculation systems for switchgear equipment, in 1987
  • Became addicted to the world of online Builletin Board Systems (BBS) in 1989
  • Met Nancy in the Global conference on the RIME network in 1992
  • Nancy moved to Denmark in 1992
  • Moved to Boeslunde, a small city in the western part of Zeeland, the largest of the Danish islands, in 1993
  • Married Nancy on the 17th of june 1994
  • No children of “own blood”
  • Moved to Taastrup, a Copenhagen suburb, in 1994
  • Began working for a software company located in Taastrup, in 1994
  • Closed my first company in 1995
  • Became responsible for the R&D department of the Taastrup SW company, in 1995
  • Bought a three-room appartment in Taastrup, in March 1997
  • Attended a course in management of IT-projects, in 1997
  • Divorced Nancy in 1998
  • Started, together with a partner, a new IT company, specialised in software development, in 1998
  • Began working as a free-lance consultant, in 2000
  • After several short term contracts, I had a long term contract with a major Telco, from august 2001 to april 2005
  • Started doing volunteer work, helping inner-city Copenhagen kids with their homework (tutoring), in march 2004
  • Hospitalised for 2 months, and on sick-leave for 4 months, in 2005
  • Registered kimbach.org, installed the WordPress publishing platform, imported my blogger archives and revived my web-presence, with a vengence, in autumn 2005
  • Extended the amount of volunteer work I do, by taking on more of a coordination role, in 2006
  • Started working profesionally as a teacher at Sjakket in October 2006
  • Returned to ICT, working as a consultant for BridgeIT in September 2007
  • Stopped at BridgeIT in 2010
  • worked as a consultant for KMD from August 2010 to August 2011
  • Suffered from deteriorating mental health, and was hospitalised on several occasions in 2010-2012
  • Joined the campaign EN AF OS, that has as it’s purpose to stamp out taboo about mentl illness in 2012
  • Worked as a consultant for IT Kartellet in February of 2012
  • Joined the board of Wikimedia Denmark as an alternate
  • Hobbies

  • Photography – as a happy amateur
  • Music – as a consumer, but I’m learning GarageBand – so beware 😉
  • Gadgets – I’m a gadgetoman
  • The “Net” – the greatest invention since publishing itself
  • OpenSource and Switching Evangelism – spreading the knowledge of the alternatives to Wintel
  • Teaching (tutoring) inner city kids – as a happy amateur. Edit: as of October 2006 I’ve turned pro!
  • Personal goals

  • Better at writing – so I can write a novel or maybe become a journalist
  • Better at reading – so I can have the patience to read Kierkegaard
  • Better at photography – so I dare to publish a photography book
  • Better at teaching – so I can help the kids in Mjølnerparken and elsewhere even more
  • To sum up: I work towards being able to make a living doing some, or all, of these things.

    Technical note
    KimBach.Org is powered by LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), and the WordPress publishing platform, utilising the default “Kubrick” theme.
    I use a number of plug-ins and hacks. The ones I use for “production”, e.g. couldn’t live without, are:

    • WP-Print [14] by Lester Chan (aka. GaMerZ). For providing a print friendly version of a page and post. WP-Print isn’t really a plug-in, it requires theme-hacking, but is HIGHLY recommended. Check the GaMerZ forum, or ask me, for hints on changing the RewriteRules, this is the main hastle setting WP-Print up if you, like me, want a nice permalink URL to the print friendly version, like http://www.kimbach.org/colophon/print [15].
    • WP-ContactForm [16] by Ryan Duff and Firas Durri. Provides a nice feedback form.
    • WP Audioscrobbler [17] by Marc Hodges, for a list of most recent tracks listened to from the Audioscrobbler/Last.fm network.

    This is my current, primary, user-agent string, e.g. browser flavour:
    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X Mach-O; da; rv: Gecko/20070219 Firefox/

    Translation: “I run Mozilla Firefox on Apple Macintosh OS X”.

    For your information, it looks like you’re browser flavour is:
    < ?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']; ?>

    I do the bulk of my testing and posting using this agent/client – or at least some version of Mozilla Firefox on the Mac or Windows. I feel confident enough that WordPress and the, slightly hacked, standard themes I use, have been tested to a degree with other agents, so that the wast majority of users shouldn’t experience any problems.

    If you experience problems, I’d love to hear about it, but I suggest that you try it with Mozilla Firefox [18] – since you’re probably not already using it 😉 – first, and THEN let me hear about it. LET’S TAKE BACK THE WEB.

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