Podcasts is an amazingly simple technology, that, by using RSS feeds and standard fileformats like MP3, makes it possible to download radio shows, conference sessions etc. It’s quite addictive, and you have to limit yourself or you’ll end up with a huge backlog.

Wikipedia has, as usually, good articles on Podcasts, and they have recently began suppling audio versions of news and articles, at first, through Audio Wikinews. Wikinews is also available as Podcasts. Wikinews is, of course, only available in the Ogg Vorbis OpenSource Codec. Unfortunately no portable music player, that I know of, is capabable of playback of the Ogg format. Since Podcasts are meant for the road, I think Wikinews should reconsider their choice, even though I appreciate the apparent idealism behind the choice of the Ogg format.

Below is a list of the Podcasts I’m currently subscribed to through iTunes. iTunes is the most convenient way to subscribe to Podcasts, if you want to bring the Podcasts with you on an iPod. For alternatives to iTunes try looking at the Wikipedia article.

Caltech: TecherTrax (English – updated unfrequently)

friskyRadio podCast Central (Music – usually updated weekly)

Go Digital (English – updated weekly)

HARDDISKEN (Danish – updated weekly)

Hvor Svært Kan Det Være (Danish – updated weekly)

ITC: OpenSource (English – updated at least monthly)

Ruby on Rails Podcast (English – updated at least monthly)

Science @ NASA Feature Stories Podcast (English – usually updated several times weekly)

TV 2 Nyhederne (Danish – updated several times daily)

I particullary like the following Podcasts:

TV2 Nyhederne (in Danish) – for the convenience of getting the latest news from Denmark, and the fact that it is an enhanched Podcast with images, segmentmarkers etc. TV2 Nyhederne is now available as a video Podcast, and I recommend it with all my heart. I’ve stopped subscribing to the sound only version after the video Podcast launched. Only downside – now I really feel that I need a 5th generation iPod 😉

Science @ NASA (in English) – for short informative stories about the latest research from NASA.

ITC: OpenSource (in English) – for the indepth information and conference sessions and interviews with top OpenSource industry analysts, commentators, developers and managers.

HARDDISKEN (in Danish) – for taking time to go into all subjects regarding the use of technology, with a focus on computer science, computers and gadgets. Theres often reports on hard topics from research, but HARDDISKEN also dares to go venture “softer” areas like art and technology, and to discuss the impact technology has on our society.

Go Digital (in English) – much like HARDDISKEN, and they seem to be coorporating. Go Digital is higher paced and less technical (nerdy) than HARDDISKEN, and thus much more accessible. Quite similar in content to the BBC World TV-Show Click Online.

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