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Kære Information: hold op med at fodre trolden

Liberal Alliances facebook app “Freedom Fighter” der er en slags spil hvor man kan optjene point ved at deltage i debatten, typisk online, har bragt emnet spam på lederniveau af medierne, også de trykte, og det har resulteret i at f.eks. avisen Information har besluttet at blokere for “Freedom Fighter” skribenter, skribenterne er (var ;-)) […]

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Happy Fifth Blogaversary – I brought the noise!

Yesterday the 15th of February 2009, marked the fifth year of me being a blogger. Technically I’ve had an Internet presence since 1999, but it’s the moment when I started using the service “blogger”, I count as the beginning of my “career” as a blogger. My first real blogpost was a short “review” of the […]

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“Real followers of Islam don’t dance”

Yesterday was my regular day in Lektiehjælpen i Mjølnerparken, you might have forgotten, since it’s been a while since I wrote something about my work there. Yesterday we had a rare discussion about religion, and it was triggered by this comment: “Real followers of Islam don’t dance” I know that it wasn’t to be taken […]

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IX-XI or XI-IX @ Kim Bach . Org: Go humanity! I’m your number one fan

Kim Bach . Org Today marks the first aniversary of my final post on “this subject”. One month later I suddenly found my self “not being in Kansas anymore“. MOVING ON – or VIDERE (hat tip to my former boss)!!! Here’s what I wrote on “the subject” (newest first!) Am I doing what I’m doing […]

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The Church doesn’t have Wi-Fi

15 minutes to go…5 years since Mohammad Atta shouted Allah Akhbar and slammed into the WTC, focused on Jannah and the waiting virgins, and the Church doesn’t have Wi-Fi. A selection of today’s headlines: The Internet is evil because the terrorists are using it to co-create terrorism manuals. The problems of the Middle East are […]

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America Supports You

America Supports You To follow up on the NORAD Tracks Santa post, I decided to check out some of the related links on site, and stumpled upon the “America Supports You” site. I had a flash-back to one of the promotional videos that are shown in the movie “Starship Troopers”. Scary indeed