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Apple debuts Intel-powered Macs

Apple today announced the first Intel based Mac computers. Below is a link to a BBC article describing the announcement.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple debuts Intel-powered Macs

The keynote by Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Steve showed himself to be a master of suspense, since the keynote had been running for an hour, without any mention of Intel based Macs what-so-ever.

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Det er lettere end man sku’ tro at bo på Vesterbro

Vesterbro's 'burning' New Years 2005/2006I celebrated New Years on Vesterbro, the part of Copenhagen I still consider my hood, even though I moved in 1993. Vesterbro has changed immensely since I moved. It’s now very trendy with lots of cafés and interesting little shops. To draw a parallel…What used to be a pharmacy, where you could overhear the drug-addicts order their syringes for safe shooting-up, now is home to a popular café, and the most “greasy” diner of the neigbourhood, has been replaced by a deli specialised in bio-dynamic bread.

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Happy New Year 2006

2005 most certainly was a roller-coaster ride, I’ve renewed friendships, found new and most certainly discovered who my true friends are. I’m really privileged to have such good friends, and I’d like to thank all of you for being so supportive. Pad yourself on your shoulder, you know who you are.

Now I’m looking forward to 2006 with optimism, and I think that it will be a great year where I after a long period of reflection, will be able to act out my potential.

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Wired 13.12: Slacking Off in Science

Wired 13.12: Slacking Off in Science

I was really surprised by this article in WIRED Magazine. For years and years we’ve been told that Denmark is suffering from a “brain drain”, but according to this WIRED Magazine article, based on information from a number of US and international science indicators, for instance the CIA World Factbook; Science and Engineering Indicators, this is not true.