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“Eid Mubarak”…

… was the manner in which I greeted the clerk in the Indian Restaurant.
He was a young man, looking to be of Pakistani herritage.
To my surprise he asked, “Excuse me Sir, are you Muslim?”,
“But I thought you were?”,
“No Sir, I’m Christian”,
“But you have a co-worker that’s Muslim, don’t you?”,
“Oh yes Sir, he works during the daytime”.


When I recieved my meal, I thanked the clerk by holding my palms, vertically, together and bowing, he responded by saying “Namaste”…

…”Eid Mubarak!”

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Så er du Muslim Kim?

Når det er Ramadan er jeg Muslim
Når det er Påske er jeg Jøde
Når det er Jul er jeg Kristen
Når det er Holi er jeg Hindu
Og når det er Dalai Lamas fødselsdag er jeg Buddihst

Hvornår er det Dalai Lamas fødselsdag Kim?