Below is the current playlist on my iPod nano. The songs with no artist and prefixed with FR are short french lessons.

600 songs, total time 2:00:54:30, 3.32GB

Name Artist
We Need A Resolution (Featuring Timbaland) Aaliyah
Loose Rap (Featuring Static From Playa) Aaliyah
Rock The Boat Aaliyah
More Than A Woman Aaliyah
Never No More Aaliyah
I Care 4 U Aaliyah
Extra Smooth Aaliyah
Read Between The Lines Aaliyah
U Got Nerve Aaliyah
I Refuse Aaliyah
It’s Whatever Aaliyah
I Can Be Aaliyah
Those Were The Days Aaliyah
What If Aaliyah
Try Again Aaliyah
Feeling Good Agua Loca Feat. Gina
Piano & I Alicia Keys
Girlfriend Alicia Keys
How Come You Don’t Call Me Alicia Keys
Fallin’ Alicia Keys
Troubles Alicia Keys
Rock Wit U Alicia Keys
A Woman’s Worth Alicia Keys
Jane Doe Alicia Keys
Goodbye Alicia Keys
The Life Alicia Keys
Never Felt This Way (Interlude) Alicia Keys
Butterflyz Alicia Keys
Why Do I Feel So Sad Alicia Keys
Caged Bird (Outro) Alicia Keys
Lovin’ U Alicia Keys
Mr. Man Alicia Keys / Cozier, Jimmy
Alles Fließt Nichts Bleibt : All All
Dis-Moi Pourquoi Amina
Enhanced Audio Guide Apple Computer, Inc.
Poison Astrix
Infected Astrix / Monster (Remix) Astrix
Tweaky Astrix
Techno Widows Astrix
Artcore Astrix
On Fire Astrix
Underbeat Astrix
Sex Style Astrix
Beyond The Senses Astrix
Hayat Aziza A
I’m Back Baby Bash ft Akon
Good Luck Basement Jaxx
Right Here’s the Spot Basement Jaxx
Benjilude Basement Jaxx
Lucky Star Basement Jaxx
Petrilude Basement Jaxx
Supersonic Basement Jaxx
Plug It In Basement Jaxx
Cosmolude Basement Jaxx
If I ever Recover Basement Jaxx
Kish Kash Basement Jaxx
Tonight Basement Jaxx
Hot n’ Cold Basement Jaxx
Living Room Basement Jaxx
Feels like Home Basement Jaxx
Rendez-Vu Basement Jaxx
Yo-Yo Basement Jaxx
Jump N’ Shout Basement Jaxx
U Can’t Stop Me Basement Jaxx
Jaxxalude Basement Jaxx
Red Alert Basement Jaxx
Jazzalude Basement Jaxx
Always Be There Basement Jaxx
Sneakalude Basement Jaxx
Same Old Show Basement Jaxx
Bingo Bango Basement Jaxx
Gemilude Basement Jaxx
Stop 4 Love Basement Jaxx
Don’t Give Up Basement Jaxx
Being With U Basement Jaxx
My Funny Valentine Big Muff
DK’s Koner Bikstok Røgsystem
Cigar Bikstok Røgsystem
Røglude Bikstok Røgsystem
Penge På Græs Bikstok Røgsystem
Tvebak Bikstok Røgsystem
Tjikkah Bikstok Røgsystem
Radio Bikstok Røgsystem
Alle Folk Bikstok Røgsystem
Unger Bikstok Røgsystem
Fabrik Bikstok Røgsystem
Nøgne Mænd Bikstok Røgsystem
3 Stks Tøj Bikstok Røgsystem
Krigsminister Bikstok Røgsystem
Græder For Dem Bikstok Røgsystem
Pawpaw Bikstok Røgsystem
Dukkemand Bikstok Røgsystem
When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going Billy Ocean
America Is Waiting Brian Eno & David Byrne
Mea Culpa Brian Eno & David Byrne
Regiment Brian Eno & David Byrne
Help Me Somebody Brian Eno & David Byrne
The Jezebel Spirit Brian Eno & David Byrne
Very, Very Hungry Brian Eno & David Byrne
Moonlight In Glory Brian Eno & David Byrne
The Carrier Brian Eno & David Byrne
A Secret Life Brian Eno & David Byrne
Come With Us Brian Eno & David Byrne
Mountain Of Needles Brian Eno & David Byrne
Hit That Perfect Beat Boy Bronski Beat
Mantra Of Great Compassion Buddhist Meditation
The Greatest Six-Word Brilliant Dharani Buddhist Meditation
Heart Mantra Of DiChang Bodhisattva Buddhist Meditation
Buddha-Bathing Sutra Buddhist Meditation
The Heart Sutra Buddhist Meditation
The Scripture of Repentance Buddhist Meditation
Bus-A-Bus Interlude Busta Rhymes / Missy Elliott
Word Up Cameo
Her Dream Cassy & Dave th Hustler
Crepuscular Solidad Cesaria Evora
01 – Galvanize (featuring Q-Tip) Chemical Brothers
02 – The Boxer (featuring Tim Burgess) Chemical Brothers
03 – Believe (featuring Kele Okereke) Chemical Brothers
04 – Hold Tight London (featuring Anna Lynne) Chemical Brothers
05 – Come Inside Chemical Brothers
06 – The Big Jump Chemical Brothers
07 – Left Right (featuring Anwar Superstar) Chemical Brothers
08 – Close Your Eyes (featuring The Magic Numbers) Chemical Brothers
09 – Shake Break Bounce Chemical Brothers
10 – Marvo Ging Chemical Brothers
11 – Surface To Air Chemical Brothers
Forward CiM
Dude Connective Zone
Rather Be Crowdpleaser & St Plomb featuring Selfish in bed
Qumran D.Cup Feat. Audrey
Slap! Slap! Slap! Da Brat / Jade / Missy Elliott
Human After All Daft Punk
The Prime Time Of Your Life Daft Punk
Robot Rock Daft Punk
Steam Machine Daft Punk
Make Love Daft Punk
The Brainwasher Daft Punk
On Off Daft Punk
Television Rules The Nation Daft Punk
Emotion Daft Punk
Emotion Daft Punk
El Chupa Nibre Dangerdoom
Sofa King Dangerdoom
Perfect Hair Dangerdoom
A.T.H.F. (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) Dangerdoom
Basket Case Dangerdoom
No Names (Black Debbie) Dangerdoom
Crosshairs Dangerdoom
Mince Meat Dangerdoom
Vats Of Urine Dangerdoom
Space Hoes Dangerdoom
Bada Bing Dangerdoom
Benzi Box Dangerdoom Feat. Cee-Lo
The Mask Dangerdoom Feat. Ghostface Killah
Old School Rules Dangerdoom Feat. Talib Kweli
I Begin To Wonder (Radio Version) [(Radio Version)] Dannii Minogue
Album Megamix Dannii Minogue
Rockin’ The Ladies De Awkward
Grount Dettinger
Danger Of Love DJ Krush Feat. Zap Mama
My Melody Dj Sid
Dry Retch Donnacha Costello
Pimsleur Quick and Simple Egyptian Arabic for English Speakers Part 1 of 2 Dr. Paul Pimsleur
Pimsleur Quick and Simple Egyptian Arabic for English Speakers Part 2 of 2 Dr. Paul Pimsleur
Oh L’amour Erasure
Portrait Etro Anime
When Tomorrow Comes Eurythmics
4 My People Eve / Missy Elliott
Wafg Evil.C
Platypus Groove Filur
It’s Alright (Featuring Miss Nellie Ettison) Filur
Stay Tuff Filur
Drop (Featuring Susanne And Malou) Filur
Part Of Life (Featuring Eran DD) Filur
Masters Of Rhtyhm Filur
Shame (Featuring Miss Nellie Ettison) Filur
Feel For You (Featuring Miss Nellie Ettison) Filur
Two Pinatas, Please Filur
It’s Alright (Allstar Mix) Filur
Property (Featuring Lena Tahara) Filur
King Of The Beat (Featuring DJ Noize) Filur
Godfather Of The Game (Featuring Ilawy) Filur
Sunset Boulevard (Featuring Katja Kean) Filur
Crowdpusher (Puddu Varano Mix) Bonus Track Filur
Head Ways Future Beat Alliance
FBA Theme Future Beat Alliance
Take Away Ginuwine / Missy Elliott
Intro Gorillaz
Last Living Souls Gorillaz
Kids With Guns Gorillaz
O Green World Gorillaz
Dirty Harry Gorillaz
Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz
El Manana Gorillaz
Every Planet We Reach Is Dead Gorillaz
November Has Come Gorillaz
All Alone Gorillaz
White Light Gorillaz
DARE Gorillaz
Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey’s Head Gorillaz
Don’t Get Lost In Heaven Gorillaz
Demon Days Gorillaz
Can You Hear The Sound ? The Horrorist
Something For You The Horrorist
We Are All Alive The Horrorist
Run For Your Life The Horrorist
Soul Of Emptiness The Horrorist
Flesh Is The Fever The Horrorist
It Goes Like This The Horrorist
Mission Ecstasy The Horrorist
Wet & Shiny The Horrorist
Hard Step Future Force The Horrorist
The Virus The Horrorist
Blood Wings Soar The Horrorist
One Night In NYC The Horrorist
Into The Moonbeam The Horrorist
Into The Moonbeam – Arena Mix The Horrorist
Power Is Force The Horrorist
Fire In The Sky The Horrorist
The Light Ianeq
One Minute Man [Remix] Jay-Z / Missy Elliott
Berimbou Jazzamor
Shop Class Too Jeff Samuel
We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off Jermaine Stewart
…So Addictive Keys, Charlene "Tweet" / Missy Elliott
Euro Kim Bach
Euro Kim Bach
Scopex (Tom Churchill Remix) Klash, The
The Man-Machine Kraftwerk
Planet Of Visions Kraftwerk
Tour De France Etape 1 Kraftwerk
Chrono Kraftwerk
Tour De France Etape 2 Kraftwerk
Vitamin Kraftwerk
Tour De France Kraftwerk
Autobahn Kraftwerk
The Model Kraftwerk
Neon Lights Kraftwerk
Radioactivity Kraftwerk
Trance Europe Express Kraftwerk
Metal On Metal Kraftwerk
Numbers Kraftwerk
Computer World Kraftwerk
Home Computer Kraftwerk
Pocket Calculator Kraftwerk
Dentaku Kraftwerk
The Robots Kraftwerk
Elektro Kardiogramm Kraftwerk
Aero Dynamik Kraftwerk
Music Non Stop Kraftwerk
Die Roboter Kraftwerk
Computerliebe Kraftwerk
Taschenrechner Kraftwerk
Dentaku Kraftwerk
Autobahn Kraftwerk
Trans Europa Express Kraftwerk
Abzug Kraftwerk
Metall Auf Metall Kraftwerk
Heimcomputer Kraftwerk
Musik Non Stop Kraftwerk
Love In Siberia Laban
Intro Latin Tribal House Session
I Can’t Get Enough (Groove Vocal Mix) – Morel’s Grooving Again Part 3 Latin Tribal House Session
900 Degrees (Pete Heller Main Mix) – Ian Pooley Latin Tribal House Session
Scary Movies (Nils Hess & Harris Mix) – Bad Meets Evil Latin Tribal House Session
Feels So Real – Daz & Andy Latin Tribal House Session
A Tribe Called Drums – Phil Kieran Latin Tribal House Session
Play It Loud (Original) – Baruka Latin Tribal House Session
Havanna – Samuel L. Session Latin Tribal House Session
Tha Way You Like It (Thomas P. Heckmann Rework) – Len Faki Presents Shit Latin Tribal House Session
Afterhours (The Beats) – 68 Beats Latin Tribal House Session
To The Underground – The Bangin’ Drummer Latin Tribal House Session
Ritmo Del Caribe (Robbie Rivera Remix) – Andre Garcia Latin Tribal House Session
Isulanima Les Nouvelles Polyphonies Corses
Something About You Level 42
I’ve Changed (Interlude) Lil’ Mo / Missy Elliott
Blue 33 Lontano
Gaymania Lontano
Probrecan (Electro Mix) Lontano
Laser Lontano
Netic (Deep Klangfarbenmelodie Dub) Lontano
Aeolian Harp Lontano
Lovebass Lontano
Jugets Lontano
Severed Funks (Piano Bar Cut) Lontano
Visage Lontano
Sigueme Lontano
Rarae Lontano
Cadenza Luciano
One Minute Man Ludacris / Missy Elliott
Vesterbro Magtens Korridorer
Nordhavn Station Magtens Korridorer
Lorteparforhold Magtens Korridorer
Pisser På Plakaten Magtens Korridorer
Picnic (På Kastellet) Magtens Korridorer
Sara Har… Magtens Korridorer
Tilt Magtens Korridorer
Fnaskesangen Magtens Korridorer
Lørdag Formiddag Magtens Korridorer
Leila Khaled Magtens Korridorer
Døden Nær Magtens Korridorer
Macary Mamani Keita & Marc Minelli
Que Deus Me Perdoe Mariza
6/8 Ono Mark Mclaren
Donaunebel Markus Guentner
Intro MC Solaar
Paradisiaque MC Solaar
Gangster moderne MC Solaar
Tournicoti MC Solaar
Zoom MC Solaar
Le sens de la vie MC Solaar
Dakota MC Solaar
Illico presto MC Solaar
Les temps changent MC Solaar
Daydreamin MC Solaar
Les boys bandent MC Solaar
Les pensées sont des flowers MC Solaar
Wonderbra MC Solaar
Le 11ème choc MC Solaar
Protège-tibia MC Solaar
Quand le soleil devient froid MC Solaar
Outro MC Solaar
Dog in Heat Method Man / Missy Elliott / Redman
Bad Boy Miami Sound Machine
The Beach Miss Kittin & The Hacker
Lick Shots Missy Elliott
Get Ur Freak On Missy Elliott
Scream A.K.A. Itchin’ Missy Elliott
Old School Joint Missy Elliott
Step Off Missy Elliott
X-Tasy Missy Elliott
Whacha Gon’do Missy Elliott / Timbaland
[Untitled] Missy Misdemeanor Elliott
[Untitled] Missy Misdemeanor Elliott
[Untitled] Missy Misdemeanor Elliott
[Untitled] Missy Misdemeanor Elliott
[Untitled] Missy Misdemeanor Elliott
[Untitled] Missy Misdemeanor Elliott
[Untitled] Missy Misdemeanor Elliott
[Untitled] Missy Misdemeanor Elliott
[Untitled] Missy Misdemeanor Elliott
[Untitled] Missy Misdemeanor Elliott
[Untitled] Missy Misdemeanor Elliott
[Untitled] Missy Misdemeanor Elliott
[Untitled] Missy Misdemeanor Elliott
[Untitled] Missy Misdemeanor Elliott
Mahamudra Lineage Prayer and Meditation Monks Of Sherab Ling Monestary
Mahakala Puja: Invocation and Offering to Mahakala Monks Of Sherab Ling Monestary
Mahakala Puja: Receiving Blessings and Dedicating the Merit to World Pe Monks Of Sherab Ling Monestary
Interlude (Featuring Zaki) Natasja
Summercute Natasja
Loaded (Featuring Alex) Natasja
My Dogg Natasja
45 Questions Natasja
Lately (Featuring Papa Dee) Natasja
Spring 2 Fall (Lirical D Mirical) Natasja
Real Sponsor Natasja
Bonfire Natasja
War Anthem Natasja
Puppet (Featuring J-Ro) Natasja
Restless Natasja
Weedsong (Featuring Pharfar) Natasja
Mysterious (Featuring Mukupa) Natasja
19 Naughty III Naughty By Nature
Hip Hop Hooray Naughty By Nature
Ready for Dem Naughty By Nature
Take It to Ya Face Naughty By Nature
Daddy Was a Street Corner Naughty By Nature
The Hood Comes First Naughty By Nature
The Only Ones Naughty By Nature
It’s On Naughty By Nature
Cruddy Clique Naughty By Nature
Knock Em Out da Box Naughty By Nature
Hot Potato Naughty By Nature
Sleepin’ on Jersey Naughty By Nature
Written on Ya Kitten Naughty By Nature
Sleepwalkin’ II Naughty By Nature
Dawn Niels Eje
Journey Niels Eje
Song of the Heart Niels Eje
Enchantment Niels Eje
Poem Niels Eje
Twilight Niels Eje
Night Niels Eje
Bird Island Niels Eje
Eqator Niels Eje
Exotic Virtuoso Niels Eje
Pacific Niels Eje
Sea Shore Niels Eje
Sommersonnenschein Novi Sad
Show Me Ofra Haza
Amore Ofra Haza
Im Nin Alu (2000) Ofra Haza
Sixth Sense Ofra Haza
My Ethiopian Boy Ofra Haza
Ahava Ofra Haza
No Time To Hate Ofra Haza
You’ve Got A Friend Ofra Haza
You Ofra Haza
Give Me A Sign Ofra Haza
One Day Ofra Haza
Once More The Orb
Promis The Orb
Ghostdancing The Orb
Turn It Down The Orb
Egnable The Orb
Firestar The Orb
A Mile Long Lump Of Lard The Orb
Centuries The Orb
Plum Island The Orb
Hamlet Of Kings The Orb
36892 The Orb
Thursday’s Keeper The Orb
Terminus The Orb
Zusammen Otomi
Spek P.R.Oject
Always On My Mind Pet Shop Boys
Hey How My Johnny Lad; The Wind That Shakes The Barley The Poozies
Two Fifty To Vigo; Micky Dan’s The Poozies
Company Of Women The Poozies
Cotton Mill Girls The Poozies
The Bay Tree Set; Faca Sibh; Jig Jazz The Poozies
Static On My Radio The Poozies
The Polkas=Kerry Polkas; Dennis Murphy’s; Swannie’s The Poozies
In Between The Lines The Poozies
Poncho And Lefty The Poozies
Beinn’ A’ Cheathaich; Charlie Lennon’s; Four Four Two; Pipe Major George Allan The Poozies
Collapsing At Hoagies; Pushing The Porsche The Poozies
(I Am The Captain Of This) Ship Of Love The Poozies
In Another Life The Poozies
Come All Ye Lonely Lovers The Poozies
Hogties Reel; Si Morag; Lasses Fasion The Poozies
Neptune The Poozies
Crooked Road To Dublin; Tack Till Thomas The Poozies
Ma Plaid; Freya Dances The Poozies
Sorrows Away The Poozies
Maja’s Brudvals; Tanteeka; Lost In Fishponds The Poozies
The Shepherd’s Wife; Andrew Carr The Poozies
The Mill House; Rabbit Stew; Freddie’s Reel The Poozies
The Maid Of Llanwellyn-Emma & Jamie’s Wedding The Poozies
Spitfire Prodigy
Girls Prodigy
Memphis Bells Prodigy
Get Up Get Off Prodigy
Hotride Prodigy
Wake Up Call Prodigy
Action Radar Prodigy
Medusa’s Path Prodigy
Pheonix Prodigy
You Will Be Under My Wheels Prodigy
The Way It Prodigy
Shoot Down Prodigy
Obsidian Pwog
Maenad Pwog
The Key Pwog
Psoudoun Pwog
Dust Pwog
Obsidian Pwog – Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia
Maenad (Charmopad Mix) Pwog – Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia
The Key Pwog – Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia
Psoudoun (Golden Palominos Mix) Pwog – Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia
Dust (Decompressed Mix) Pwog – Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia
Tumadir Rasha
Take Me To Your Heart Rick Astley
Show Me Love (Tonka’s 2002 Radio Edit) Robin S.
Show Me Love (Tonka’s 2002 Club Edit) Robin S.
Show Me Love (Stone’s 99 Update Mix) Robin S.
Show Me Love (Onionz Vocal Mix) Robin S.
Show Me Love (Onionz Lovers Dub) Robin S.
Show Me Love (Lisa Marie Vocal Experience) Robin S.
Show Me Love (Stone’s Club Mix) Robin S.
Somebody’s Watching Me Rockwell
Stop The World Rosario
Lush The Rurals
Window Pain The Rurals
No Power The Rurals
Make Amends The Rurals
Grey Clouds The Rurals
Sweeter Sound The Rurals
Breathe The Rurals
Mission 1 The Rurals
Jazz Interlude The Rurals
These Changes The Rurals
Flip Down To The Break Russ Gabriel
No Place To Land Sator
Out Of The Void Sator
Jetslide Sator
Next To Nothing Sator
The Big Shakedown Sator
A Safetybelt For Suzie Sator
Kickelkum Sator
Ride The Jackhammer Sator
Black Dog Mood Sator
Bossanova Death Trip Sator
Lose Control Sator
Freezer Sator
Anxiety, Coke And Chocolate Bars Sator
God Save Technology Sator
Buy Now, Pay Forever Sator
Exit Sator
Fizzy Soda Scape One
Blue Angel Slop Shop
Arman Slop Shop
Amusement Park Slop Shop
Transzendenz Express Slop Shop
Kleiner Mann Slop Shop
EI Angel Azul Slop Shop
So Nah Slop Shop
The Overview Effect Slop Shop
Outro Slop Shop
Diamanda Slop Shop
Mamavatu Susheela Raman
Tal ’90 TAL
I Know Total Science
Purple Haze Trike
Idol Trike
WMF 0:00 Am Trike
Last Step Trike
Dativ Trike
Jetlag Trike
22 kHz Trike
Synthetic Trike
Spreewald Trike
Chilblain Trike
AG Penthouse Triola
Java Ulf Lohmann
Fit Track Water Lilly & Saint Plomb
Yoga Nidra Xenia Splawinski
The Only Way Is Up Yazz & The Plastic Population
Jeli Jeli Yulduz
Destiny Zephyr

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