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My FON social router is online

Join the FON movement!I just received my FON social router, and you can now access my WLAN if you’re a FONero, pretty amazing since I yesterday received an E-mail telling me that it would arrive in 2-3 weeks.

I signed up as a so called “linus”, this means that I provide access for free, in return for free access to the entire FON network.

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Ohloh – Explore Open Source

Ohloh - Explore Open SourceOhloh – Explore Open Source

Ohloh is a directory of open source software projects, and it looks like a promising tool when navigating the fragmented jungle of OSS.

Here’s a quote from the Ohloh website:

We’re mapping the open source world by collecting objective information on open source software. Search our site for the most current software metrics and project information on open source software projects.

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NASA – STS-121 – Shuttle Discovery has landed

Shuttle Mission STS-121Welcome back Discovery. It’s amazing watching the landing procedure as seen from the cockpit, the descend is steep and quick.

It will be interesting to hear the post mission briefings, I hope that the Shuttle is finally considered safe again, so that the construction of the International Space Station can pick up pace.

Congratulations to NASA with a successful mission, but what’s with the constant need to reboot the computers?

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Yesterday was down for maintenance, only stating that we should get ready for “depth charge”.

BOOM! has relaunched, with lots of improvements and a cool new personal page called the “Dashboard”, but the most impressive new feature is the new rich client, I guees the developers got feed up with JavaScript, so now we have a full featured client for our enjoyment.

Here’s a screen shot of the new client: client screenshot
The new client is a tremendous improvement over the previous client, now taking advantage of the community.

It’s getting more and more like iTunes, it will run on basically anything, is open source and uses it’s own streaming protocol making it independent of Apple and Microsoft. What’s not to like? is one of the coolest things on the planet, and I feel that they think exactly the same way I do.

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GUF music store in Copenhagen to relaunch

During this week I’ve been buying more music than all of last year, and I haven’t used the net at all.

It started last Friday at Pladehjørnet, continued Wednesday at the Fair in Vig, and ended yesterday, when I was in Lars Bjørnsstræde to check my favourite clothing store, Tracks

I noticed that the GUF music store looked very changed.

It turns out that it is going to re-launch with a new concept of low stock, music related artwork and collectibles and a display with classics mixed with new releases.

It’s a bold move, but I think that this is what is needed to counter the mass-consumerism of the music industry, we need speciality shops like this, it’s much akin to cartoon stores like Fantask!

The clerk asked me how many of the classics he had displayed that I owned, he was surprised to hear that the count was one, Speakerboxx by Outcast. Hmm…why don’t I have any Ray Charles? Now I have! His display clearly works.

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Off topic: Comment from

Hmm…This comment to my article about the music I bought last week, must be labelled off-topic.

The sender calls herself(?) anne, and the mail address looks bogus, there was, however, a link to the site

But since the message doesn’t appear to be machine generated spam – well it MIGHT be – I’ve decided to post it.

I didn’t gain much insight into Islam from the comment, that I didn’t already have, and I have already received an answer to my theological questions regarding SÅ«ra 2.112 by an Iman from the Islamic Faith Center in Copehagen.

In my interpretation SÅ«ra 2.112 is as far removed from fundamentalism as anything I’ve ever read.

“Nay,–whoever submits His whole self to Allah and is a doer of good,–He will get his reward with his Lord; on such shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.”

My interpretation is that you can receive absolution if you worship God (e.g. Allah) and is a doer of good.

The Iman acknowledged that this was an interesting SÅ«ra, but I guess that he’d disagree with the fact that I look upon God as one, e.g. being the same in all religious systems. To an Islamic faithful Allah, as recognised in the Islamic tradition, is the one and only God.

Shokoron and Salaam Aleikum

———————————- klip —————————–
Name: anne | E-mail: | URI:

hej..jeg søgte lidt om islam for at prøve at forstå de så tit omtalte muslimere, så fandt jeg dette som jeg vil dele med dig, det forklarer lidt ang det de tror på

'i dag' (Danish) Blogs Music Technology på visitkortet?

Så sidder man i bussen på vej til Odsherred, og har lige udført en voldsom gang evangelisme.

Hurtigbussen til Vestsjælland kører fra Høje-Taastrup, problemet for Københavnerne er at de ikke er klar over et par ting vedr. bussen:

  • Den er relativt dyr
  • Man kan ikke bruge HT klippekort
  • De tager ikke Dankort

3 minutter før den skulle køre, var der en mand der ikke have kontanter, og han kunne bestemt ikke nå at hente nogle.

Hvad gør man så, jo låner manden penge – det er faktisk pænt grænseoverskridende, men jeg har gjort det før, og dengang fik jeg dem tilbage. Bortset fra det så har jeg afskrevet dem, det vil IKKE skade mit humør hvis jeg IKKE får pengene tilbage, bare få mig til at filosofere over menneskets ondskab 😉

Bortset fra det er der ikke nogen bedre måde at få en “single serving friend” på, end at låne ham/hende penge, så vi faldt i snak.

Det viste sig at han var musikker, og lige havde bestilt en MacBook Pro, for nu skulle han til at lave musik. Men hvad med det med hjemmesider, hvorfor er der ikke et program der gør det nemt? Ah det skal jeg vise dig! Nå du har computeren med! Ja det har jeg næsten altid.

Så vi lavede næsten en Podcast. iWeb og GarageBand gør det nemt, men også lækkert.

Og så regner jeg med at vi ser manden på, for det gjorde jeg også lidt reklame for.

Hmm…Får jeg brug for at få trykt nogle visitkort?

Kim Bach Evangelist

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Summer and new music – hip-hop and you don’t stop

Once in a while you have to pay your local record store (Musik Hjørnet in Taastrup BIG UP!) a visit, I did that yesterday, and left with a small record collection.

Since it’s summer for real in Denmark, and I’ve been in the mood for Dancehall – well almost since the “R*A*W” event in august 2004, but especially since “Bikstok Røgsystem” spilled “Over stok og sten” – and I’ve been listening to Internet radio stations like Baby Ace Radio and Batanga Reggaeton, for the last couple of days I asked the clerk for some Hispanic Dancehall (aka. Reggaeton).

Well the clerk obviously knew something about the subject, so he found a small collection, but I noticed that he included a DefJamacian record, he clearly was a fan of hip-hop.

A lot of the Dancehall records on the market are far too mainstream for my taste, so we began discussing hip-hop in general, and I asked for some more experimental stuff, like MF Doom and Dangerdoom, and it turned out that Doom and Danger were among his favourites too!

A couple of hours later I left with this collection:

  • Track 72 – Rockin’ “Dansk når det er bedst”
  • Madlid – Shades Of Blue “Doesn’t really sound like anything else”
  • Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique “Legendary but I only have a 12” and I “missed it””
  • Various – DefJamaican “Dancehall and big hip/hop stars”
  • Madlid – Blunted In The Bomb Shelter Mix by Madlib
  • Various – Dancehall Nice Again 2004 “Well had to have some”
  • Masta Ace – A Long Hot Summer “And I ordered a ticket for the Jam in Copenhagen”
  • Queen Latifah – All Hail The Queen “YOU SAID IT. I LOVE YOU LATIFAH”

Thanks mate! My nano is maxing out!

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Microsoft bends on OpenDocument | CNET

Microsoft bends on OpenDocument | CNET

Boy did I choke on this news. Once again I though that Microsoft had come to it’s senses and decided to embrace the OpenDocument Format. And this time it sounded really good, with the Danish Ministry of Research and Science praising Microsoft’s apparent 180.

But I suspected that it wasn’t that simple, to me it only sounded that a previously announced conversion tool, being developed by an ISV, who probably isn’t too true to the I (as in “Independent”), will be an open source project and released under a BSD license.

Instead of paying too much attention to the news reports, I turned to the excellent Groklaw, to hear what she had to say, and what an answer:

Is Microsoft clever, or what? Ditto with ODF. Here’s the choice it is trying to posit: You will have to download their ODF translator yourself and install it. Or, just stick with Microsoft’s one-stop competing solution that is built in to their software offering. Considering Microsoft’s monopoly position, and my mom’s and most governments’ typical technical skills, guess what Microsoft hopes moms and governments will choose? I see a plan in not building the ODF translator into Microsoft’s software. So truly clever. It looks open. But it’s marginalizing ODF. I think the press release might better have been titled, “Microsoft announces what it hopes will be its ODF killer.”

As Pamela Jones of points out, the press-release by Microsoft, contains a lot of FUD:

Open XML and ODF were designed to meet very different customer requirements. By developing the bidirectional translation tools through an open source project, the technical decisions and tradeoffs necessary will be transparent to everyone — Open XML and ODF advocates alike. The Open XML formats are unique in their compatibility and fidelity to billions of Office documents, helping protect customers’ intellectual investments. Open XML formats are also distinguished by their approach to accessibility support for disabled workers, file performance and flexibility to empower organizations to access and integrate their own XML data with the documents they use every day. In contrast, ODF focuses on more limited requirements, is architected very differently and is now under review in OASIS subcommittees to fill key gaps such as spreadsheet formulas, macro support and support for accessibility options. As a result, certain compromises and customer disclosures will be a necessary part of translating between the two formats.

That might indeed be right, but why bother with translating, start moving to or the related project NeoOffice instead, that might also save you the huge investment in re-training, since Microsoft Office 2007 will be using a completely new user-interface, introducing the concept of “the ribbon”, a toolbar palette, that I find inspired by something I’ve seen in Mac OS X applications like GarageBand. When I confronted one of the leading members of the Microsoft Office team with that fact, her tounge-in-cheek response was “hush – don’t tell anyone” LOL!

I like innovation, but the UI in Microsoft Office 2007 is totally different from all previous releases, why?

OTOH who cares, since the introduction of Vista will require retraining as well.

If the companies are required to massively retrain their personnel, why not change platform?

Instead, I recommend that you take a look at the UNIX again. You’ll find that UNIX has put on a friendly face since XP was released, thanks to the work done by Apple and the KDE and GNOME projects, modern UNIX no longer is for geeks only, and guess what, KDE and GNOME running will look and feel more like plain-old Windows than Windows Vista, making you feel like “you’re still in Kansas”, that’s not the case if you follow Microsoft’s upgrade path.

“Hasta la Vista, Baby!”

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Det er sommer, det er sol og det er…


When summer finally arrives in Denmark it’s hot and humid, so I’ve switched into summer mode…Cheers…

What’s with the football?

Allez les Bleus!