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Yesterday was down for maintenance, only stating that we should get ready for “depth charge”.

BOOM! has relaunched, with lots of improvements and a cool new personal page called the “Dashboard”, but the most impressive new feature is the new rich client, I guees the developers got feed up with JavaScript, so now we have a full featured client for our enjoyment.

Here’s a screen shot of the new client: client screenshot
The new client is a tremendous improvement over the previous client, now taking advantage of the community.

It’s getting more and more like iTunes, it will run on basically anything, is open source and uses it’s own streaming protocol making it independent of Apple and Microsoft. What’s not to like? is one of the coolest things on the planet, and I feel that they think exactly the same way I do.

2 replies on “ relaunches with a depth charge”

Getting better? Can’t wait! I’d like it if you did away with even more dependencies on the standard browser and made the client more and more full featured, e.g. with write access to the wiki.

And then of course: My wish #1: a mobile client, turning my digital media player into a streaming butffer.

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