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GUF music store in Copenhagen to relaunch

During this week I’ve been buying more music than all of last year, and I haven’t used the net at all.

It started last Friday at Pladehjørnet, continued Wednesday at the Fair in Vig, and ended yesterday, when I was in Lars Bjørnsstræde to check my favourite clothing store, Tracks

I noticed that the GUF music store looked very changed.

It turns out that it is going to re-launch with a new concept of low stock, music related artwork and collectibles and a display with classics mixed with new releases.

It’s a bold move, but I think that this is what is needed to counter the mass-consumerism of the music industry, we need speciality shops like this, it’s much akin to cartoon stores like Fantask!

The clerk asked me how many of the classics he had displayed that I owned, he was surprised to hear that the count was one, Speakerboxx by Outcast. Hmm…why don’t I have any Ray Charles? Now I have! His display clearly works.

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