Blogs Bookmarks Kim Blog (English) Music – Recommendations digest. They “own” you – but I like it! has just come up with another useful feature: personalised recommendations in you inbox, and unlike iTunes weekly mail, the recommendations e-mail actually contains recommendations that are useful to me.

What I really like, is that I get recommendations for live acts, I might never miss a live act, I’d love to see in the future, due to this. is the “Mother of Big Brothers”, and they own you, but I like it, and it will mean that I go to see more live acts, and that is really one of things I love the most.

Keep it up <3.

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Bad Penguin: “Linux – The OS I’ll – eventually – wear”: Kim Bach – still Mac user :-(

Bad PenguinClick here for the most popular videos

So I thought that Linux was ready for prime time, but not just yet – it was hurting my productivity too much :-(. I need some help setting my system up, and will attempt to get that when I soon will attend LinuxParty in Roskilde.

It did make for a couple of interesting Jaiku presense stream though (Kim Bach: Former Mac user and Installing Ubuntu on my new Lenovo V100 – Firefox on WiFi from the Live CD while my drive partitions. Have I died and gone to heaven?.

Performance of the applications is really great though, and I hit on one of the biggest obstacles, non-functioning DVD playback due to patent issues – really amazing that the International anti-thrust organisations haven’t looked into that :-(.

I hope to return to the Linux world soon, Ubuntu keeps improving

But the future really lies in simpler technology, and “the puck” is moving elsewhere than the monolithic computer. My mobile is increasingly my primary Internet access terminal, and Apple might just have got it right with the iPhone. The iPhone is actually much more Linux than people realise, it’s powered by FreeBSD and contains source code form from several open source projects, most noticeably KHTML which is the basis for the Safari browser.

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“Linux! The last OS you’ll ever wear”: Kim Bach – Former Mac user

Bad Apple

Overheard during Software Freedom Day 2007, September 15th in Copenhagen, Denmark:

I don’t know much about Linux! And you’re an open source activist?

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“Angels” and “Demons” are lurking in your web-mail – kim.bach invites you to join Zorpia

Kim Bach: Pilgrim with an auraAccept my sincere apologies for spamming you with Zorpia invites

Zorpia is a spam-trap, so please DON’T register with the service.

I know that you used to trust me, but you shouldn’t trust me this time. Zopia are terrible people, but sometimes good things come from bad, so:

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Kim Bach – Music at logoKim Bach Avatar
Kim Bach – Music at

Does this mean that I’m a musician…For clues that I have some way to go, look no further.

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ICT Mythbusters part one: 640K should be enough for everyone! Not exactly! But how much do we need?

Banner Mb-Cafepress

Welcome to ICT Mythbusters Episode One – who needs prequels, start your numbering scheme at one!

ICT Mythbusters is inspired by the great Discovery show Mythbusters

It’s also premiering a new concept in advertising that will revolutionise it:

Commercials that the host – in this case me – don’t make any money from, so click the banner and support the REAL Mythbusters, if you want to me support, send me some money ;-).

Was Bill Gates wrong?

A very famous quote from Bill Gates is:

640KB of RAM should be enough for everyone

Everybody has been laughing at that statement, but was he actually right?

I can access the web in high-fidelity from my Nintendo DS, and any modern phone with Java ME can run the Opera mini browser, and these phones rarely have more than 1MB of RAM. I’d say that approximately 4MB should be enough for everyone.

So Bill Gates was right, or? Why is it that he wasn’t? It’s of course because we’ve moved our storage to the server, as a college of mine was so friendly to point out – actually I think he was quite annoyed with me – but that’s only because he didn’t understand what I meant.

The desktop and portable computer is an anachronism, as I’ve written before, and we need to move ALL the storage to the server – where it belongs, and run only thin clients. VERY thin clients would actually suffice for something like 90+ percent of the worlds business users.

So yes my college is right, yes 640K isn’t enough for everyone, neither is 4MB, but how much is then?

And we’re talking server storage, to cater to the computing needs of the entire world, at the time, not considering the more than exponential growth we’re likely to se in the future.

Help me do the math, or should I just submit it to Jamie, Adam, Toby, Grant and the red-hot Kari.

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“Real followers of Islam don’t dance”

Ramadan posterYesterday was my regular day in Lektiehjælpen i Mjølnerparken, you might have forgotten, since it’s been a while since I wrote something about my work there.

Yesterday we had a rare discussion about religion, and it was triggered by this comment:

Real followers of Islam don’t dance”

I know that it wasn’t to be taken too serious, and that I overreacted by hearing such a misguided statement, but I beg to differ. It really doesn’t get truer to Islam than Maâllem Mokhtar Gania & Gnawa Sufi group, and since Islam Muslim translates to “devotee”, a lot of dancers qualify for the title of being real followers, at least in my book.

On September 29th, there will be Sufi Ensemble performing in Stefanskirken, Nørrebrogade 191. The concert with Maâllem Mokhtar Gania & Gnawa Sufi group was fantastic, and I hope that this will be on par, even though the venue seems to be less suited for dancing (like in not at all – can you dance in a church? I might just give it a try).

ps. One of the children also handed me a copy of “لوسر دمحماللها Muhammed, Guds sidste sendebud” (links to a PDF) – I’ll read it – even though I’m sceptical of the content.

The booklet is available in most major languages from – and now seems like a good time to study الإسلام and the القرآن again.

pps. The quote below is true to Islam, again in my book ;-).

[2.112] Yes! whoever submits himself entirely to Allah and he is the doer of good (to others) he has his reward from his Lord, and there is no fear for him nor shall he grieve. ‏بَلَىٰ مَنْ أَسْلَمَ وَجْهَهُۥ لِلَّهِ وَهُوَ مُحْسِنٌۭ فَلَهُۥٓ أَجْرُهُۥ عِندَ رَبِّهِۦ وَلَا خَوْفٌ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلَا هُمْ يَحْزَنُونَ ‎
balay’ man ‘ʔaslama wajhahuw lil:ahi wahuwa muḥsinunm falahuwʔ ‘ʔajruhuw ʕinda rab:ihiy wala’ xawfun ʕalayhim wala’ hum yaḥzanuwna (I hope this was correct, I’m not proficient in Arabic).

Salaam Aleikum and happy Ramadan.

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Your “Pyramid” is beautiful, but we’ve just invented the “Arch”

Balancing the Pyramid of KhefrenSo you thought you could build an economy on other peoples work, and even have the audacity to charge them (that is us) for it!!!

Well! You have your “Pyramid” – and it’s beautiful – unfortunately for you we‘ve just invented the “Arch”.

So Google will remain a fantastic monument, but we‘re building the Aqueducts, Viaducts and last but not least the beautiful temples.

And how come Google and all the other search engines, seems to ignore the copyright all together? No let’s boycott Google, and ask to be delisted, or have them block commericals.

So let’s put Google and all the SEO “creeps” out of business, and get rid of the commercial search engine, “itsy bitsy spider, walk along the web” – it’s not that hard to build a better google than google. Where we’re going we don’t need Google.

Civilisation has just gone out of beta!

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LinuxParty – LinuxParty

LinuxParty – LinuxParty
LinuxParty kan måske blive sjovt i år

Da jeg skal til at “spise hundemad”, har jeg seriøst brug for hjælp, hvad mon der sker hvis man medbringer en “pristine” Vista maskine, og slipper nørderne løs med at gøre den til den sejeste Linux kværn i byen!

Jeg skal nok give et par omgange gutter!

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Flickr: SCHPAASTLER MOVIES – De er nogl’ dygtig’ dreng’ (og pir’)

The SchpaastlerFlickr: SCHPAASTLER MOVIES

Kunne godt tænke mig at lege med det selv, men de burde tage den til et højere niveau, og lave deciderede spoofs, ikke bare ændringer af teksterne, men også ændre billederne.

Oh well det er jo ikke deres koncept, men da de er så dygtige, kunne det være spændende at se hvad de kunne få ud af at deltage i en konkurrence som denne: Steve Jobs goes to the movies.

Og hvad med at tage den videre til album covers. Jeg kom også i tanke om en vellykket manipulation jeg lavede for 8 år siden, den ryger på Flickr på trods af tvivlsom copyright.