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“Linux! The last OS you’ll ever wear”: Kim Bach – Former Mac user

Bad Apple

Overheard during Software Freedom Day 2007, September 15th in Copenhagen, Denmark:

I don’t know much about Linux! And you’re an open source activist?

So when I received my new Laptop a Lenovo V100 with WIndows Vista, I tried it for a while, but my real plan was to try Ubuntu on a modern Laptop, so I booted the Live CD, and after playing around, and having the Wireless drivers working perfectly, I decided to go ahead and install Ubuntu. It took all of 30 minutes, and I was able to browse the Internet at the same time, with NO noticeable lag – pretty amazing.

So it’s “dog food” for the open source activist…

The Land of “Plenty” – Ubuntu!

You know it’s like having a computer for the first time, and I’m only on the Live CD. Will partition 59% of sd3 space (70 GB should be enough for everyone ;-)), keeping Vista, which is a nice try at an os, bloated but pretty nice, much like a blowfish in defensive mode.

Why anyone would use anything but Ubuntu beats me…

I’m keeping a log on Jaiku of my experiences with Ubuntu and finally being a real switcher.

You’ll find it here:

Jaiku | Kim Bach: Former Mac user

Linux – the last OS you’ll ever wear.

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