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» 8 Essential Strategies to Saying “No”

Say NOMy good friend Esben sent me this: » 8 Essential Strategies to Saying “No”

It’s an article from the site FREELANCESWITCH, and below is a quote that “hit home”.

By saying “no”, although you might feel that others will feel offended or hurt (and it’s possible), you are also sending a strong message that you value your time, that you have priorities, and that you also respect the person to whom you’re saying no, as you don’t want to commit to something and then do a lousy job or not do it at all.

I can relate to that, and so can some of my – former – customers :-(. So I need to meditate on the resolve of “saying no”.

This is important for me to do for at least three reasons:

  • I will most likely be venturing down the free-lance road again.
  • The new position I’m starting on September 1st., is a “regular” job, but it will, most likely, have qualities, that are very similar to free-lancing.
  • My resolve is to start working with project management

10 years ago I attended a course on how to control requirements in ICT projects, and the tutor started the course with a simple exercise: “And now you all rise, and say NO!”.

I guess I’m a lousy listener.

(The picture above is copied from the article from FREELANCESWITCH, and is considered fair use).

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