Blogs Bookmarks Computere og Internet Kim Blog (English) Music Technology – insanely great – should I apply? Red – the online music community – is probably the KEWLest web-site on the planet – and now it’s even KEWLer, since they have a Jaiku channel.

In case you don’t know Jaiku, it’s a web application that makes it easy to follow your friends, and stay updated on your favourite topics and/or sites (if they have a channel that is). Services like Jaiku are often refereed to as “microblogging services”, and it’s somewhat similar to another web-application: Twitter.

In case you don’t know – you’re not from this planet, but it’s a service that, based on your musical preference, helps you discover new music, events and friends. also operates unlimited streaming “radio stations”, where the users determine the content, for instance based on the similarity of artists, you can for instance ask to stream a radio-station similar to a specific artist.

Since I joined the #LastFM channel, I remembered that I one year ago added “Send job-application to” to my to-do list – I feel that thinks like I do, and they’re looking for lots of people, and it looks like a great place to work.

One reply on “ – insanely great – should I apply?” rocks! Its so KEWL, I really wished I had followed it from the beginning.

I am on Jaiku, just ain’t using it yet (shame on me). It seems to be a nice web app.

Hope to see you soon, Kim.

Have a nice sunday.

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