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I’m getting “Lunatics”

I’m pro nuclear power under the following condition:

Nuclear power should be ear-marked to produce batteries, solar arrays and wind turbines that can render us independent of non-renewable energy.

As soon as renewable energy usage has reached critical mass, and this will happen way before we have a 100% coverage, nuclear power is to be phased out.

Public funding for research in new ideas that has no prospect of materialising any time soon, and are pipe/wet dreams of the physicists and so called visionaries, like controlled fusion, are to be stopped IMMEDIATELY!

So what about the nuclear waste?

Like it was investigated in the TV-series Space:1999, we could store the spent fuel on the Moon.

And another idea I came up with yesterday, that turns my original idea on it’s head, is to make nuclear fusion power plants, using something like the Orion-pulse nuclear engine, to ignite fusion, and to build that plant on the Moon.

The plant would produce and charge batteries, build solar arrays and wind turbines that are produced on the Moon using the huge amounts of energy, and the produced batteries, solar arrays and wind turbines can, basically for free, hitch a ride to Earth utilising only gravity and parachutes for soft landing.

Don’t we need a Moonbase then?”

The argument is something like “It will be labour intense, and it will be a problem that we don’t have a Moonbase in place that can provide accomodation for the myriads of “lunauts” required to build this capability?

I’d argue that it wont be needed, since self-replicating robots can mine raw materials, produce all the goods, construct, build and operate the plant(s).


NO! I don’t think so.

I think it’s less science-fiction than controlled fusion, and that it can be achieved using heavy-lift technologies, that were developed in the 1960ies, combined with modern robotics!

I’m getting “Lunatics”.

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