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Joined Orkut

Joined orkut – extremely interesting – the Internet is finally comming of age – lets see what happens next. Actually that way of networking seems to be manageable, which is the major problem I’ve had with the Internet. I bascially pulled the plug on networking using the net 11½ years ago. I met my ex-wife on the proto Internet – the RIME network – and that actually scared me “straight” – she actually left her family behind including a child aged 4 and a husband.

Back then, the early 1990’ies, the “net” was manageble; the communites/conferences had very few active people, and the level of discussion was IMHO quite high – usenet has always seemed like white noise to me, and it has probably become worse. So all in all thanks to my old buddy Henrik – actually the only “survivor” (e.g. among current friends) from the happy RIME days – for inviting me to join.

I’m once again having second thoughts about the openness of my website since I published the URL on orkut, but let’s see what happens. I discussed it with my parents before publishing anything some years ago and my business partner thinks it’s a very bad idea – and I sort of agree – especially because I’m currently spreading the word a lot.

BTW I’m really crazy these days – going to Prague and New York next week – I love to travel but it’s been 7 years since I went abroad – that’s way too long ago. 2004 will be different in the autumn I’m going to Egypt with my entire family, and I still haven’t planned for summer, but I’m considering Japan – hopefully I’m not running out of money, but oh well you can’t take it with you, and it sort of makes the hard work I’ve done over the last 6 years seem justified

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