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Tomorrow is my 10th wedding anniversary

Tomorrow is my 10th wedding anniversary. Actually I had forgotten all about it until three – thrashed I might add – Islandic nationals entrered the train and sat next to me. Tactful as I am I said welcome to the motherland – the danish speaking of the bunch asked me if I wanted to discuss politics 😉 Anyway…What’s the connection you might ask? Well my wedding took place on the 50th anniversary of the Islandic independence – so tomorrow it’s the 60th aniversary of Icelandic independence as well as my 10th wedding aniversary.

I left the Islanders on Høje-Taastrup station – they were going to Holbæk and I wished them a happy national day – they forgot to wish me a happy anniversary – oh well.


I’m divorced from Nancy since 1998.

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