Review of exclusive concert with Saybia

10.09.04. Kim Bach yesterday won two tickets on the intranet to the Saybia concert at Trekroner.

10 September 2004.

By Kim Bach, Winner

A perfectly ordinary Thursday can easily become much more interesting. I thought I’ve already had my “15 minutes of fame”, but a quick glance at the intranet, opening of, and sending of a mail and – ZAP – 3 hours later you’re standing in Nyhavn getting ready to be transported to the Trekroner Fortress with 300 other people, several TV-crews and a helicopter crew that, rumour has, did their last flying in Vietnam, this time around they did it to the sound of melancholic rock music with serious MTV hit potential, delivered by Saybia from the island of Funen, not the Valkyrie.

The 5 semi-funic boys came, saw and conquered in the amazing setting provided by the Trekroner Fortress and Mother Nature. Saybia’s music might be criticised for being a bit too close to U2 and Radiohead, but I think that Saybia, despite the fact that they sing in English, successfully has created a special version of the melancholic rock music normally associated with bands from Scotland, Ireland or Northern England. Even though I personally feel thatKashmir has a better recipe than Saybia – it will be exiting to follow the boys in the future. The fact that Saybia is taking their sweet time before they issue new material is an indicator that they’re writing from the heart, something I think they clearly demonstrated yesterday, despite the media frenzy.

“Unfortunately” it will be quite a challenge for the TV crews to edit Orange out of the picture, since yours truly and the rest of the participants from Orange made sure that the hot fashion item – the new Orange key chain – got maximum exposure – “coming to a screen near you soon” – I wonder if the world is ready?

For some it was a cold experience. Even though we, on the 9th of September 2004, had the most beautiful late summer night, the Trekroner Fortress IS outside and is positioned in the middle of Copenhagen Harbour, NOT in Roskilde – a fact that could have been pointed out. Hopefully no one had to call in sick because of this.

Only one beer each and NO sandwiches – oh well I suppose that it’s quite a logistic nightmare to feed 300 people on Trekroner, even though history has shown that it was possible for one person to serve thousands, and that was in the desert no less.

Why can’t people pick up, the island was littered with plastic cups

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