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In humanity we trust

I’m such an idiot. After I had finished in Lektiehjælpen in Mjølnerparken yesterday, my bike was gone…Damn…Did I forget to lock it? YES!!! When I was parking my bike, I was distracted by Bjarne, who arrivied at the same time I did, and I did indeed forget to lock my bike.

Having a bike stolen in Mjølnerparken should mean that you’ve seen the last of it, especially according to popular belief. Mjølnerparken is considered the worst ghetto in Copenhagen with 80-90% of the population being of other descend than danish, and with lots of problems with arsen, crime etc.

I decided to try my luck and began looking around…Oh no! I’ve never seen so many thrashed, apparently vandalised, bikes in my life…Ready to give up, I noticed a bike that looked like mine, and a mere 10-20 meters away from where I left it. Moving closer…YES! It WAS indeed my bike. Strangely it had the front wheel lodged in a bush, and this supported it instead of the stand. The lock was still open, but the lock had been moved to a position, where it looked like it was locked. The bike was in totally prestine condition, just the way I left it!

So what happened? I’ve choosen to believe that somebody noticed the unlocked bike, maybe deducting that it was mine, and decided to move it to a more secure location.

Traditionally I’ve been very lucky getting back things that I’ve lost.

In 1987 I forgot my camera on a train in France, and got it back, due to the fact that my passport was in the photo-bag, and that the people in rural areas of France are very kind
Later the same year I forgot my camera again, this time on a train in Denmark, once again I got it back, thanks to the DSB Railroads
In 2004 I forgot my brand new camera on a train in Denmark, and that was also recovered, thanks to the OHJ Railroads
And finally on the 17th of april 2005, when I, during a manic phase, gave – or as I called it “lend” – a lot of things to some kids, that I had met, by chance, on the main pedestian street in Vejle. The list of items that I “lend” out was:
1Gig iPod shuffle – “listen to my music, and learn who I am”
512K iPod shuffle – well the kid forgot to return it to me
PowerBook G4 12″ 1.25Gig RAM 80Gig HD SuperDrive – “the kid was bold enough to ask if he could have”
Canon IXUS i5 – “take some good pictures for me”

Amazingly all these items were also returned to me, thanks to the Vejle Police, and my family. Vejle Police was able to locate me through the driving school, I was attending. This was possible because I had also “given” the driving lesson logbook away – with the words: “why don’t you attend driving school instead of me, I’m not getting a drivers license until cars are unharmful to the environment”. Needless to say, I was committed to a mental institution – probably not a bad idea – even though it could have been “interesting” to see where it would have taken me, if unattended – on the other hand probably NOT.

I’m planning to post more details on my manic phase, for now you can check my Manic Panic blog (Categories/Blogs/Manic Panic) for clues.

Thank you, thank you, thank you whoever rescued my bike, and I’ll try to be more careful in the future. This has boosted my trust in humanity further – and somebody up there must like me .

BUT…Don’t you all agree that I have to stop testing my luck, and take better care of myself.

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