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PocketMac. PocketPC – Not only for Windows anymore

PocketMac. PocketPC – Not only for Windows anymore

Using the PocketMac application you can sync your PocketPC and your Mac. So all you switchers can dust off your PocketPC device, while we’re waiting for Steve to bring back the Newton – or something even cooler.

Unfortunately there are major problems with foreign character sets, like my native language, Danish.

Until this issue is solved, the software is unfortunately almost useless for me. I can of course use the iPhoto and iTunes integration. PocketMac do have nice backup software, and an easy to use theme editor. And the custom Aqua-fied theme that is bundled with PocketMac Pro is quite cool – the Windows logo in the top left corner is replaced by the friendly blue Apple we all love.

I’ve registered tickets on two issues with PocketMac support.

Anyway, my iPod nano, is so close to being a PDA, that I didn’t really miss my iPAQ in the first place. The only thing I miss is the WiFi support – I like really having a full fledged Internet terminal in my pocket. The iPAQ is also perfect for previewing photos.

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