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Telegraph | News | Interview with the top designer at Apple

Telegraph | News | His goal was to make it simple to use and a joy to look at. He succeeded. The result was the iPod

This article from the Telegraphy, features an interview with Jonathan Ive, top designer from Apple. The attention to detail, like the design of screen hinge on the iMac G5, is really made clear from reading this interview.

I can’t wait for the next design idea from Ive/Apples hands. Rumors has it that the iPod shuffle will be given a serious overhaul – the shuffle is really a fantastic concept, that I just love. And, I can’t wait for the next generation Apple laptops, I don’t expect to see anthing new, until the switch to Intel begins.

The PowerBook G4 really packs enough punch for most of my use anyway, and it’s still a beauty 2 years later, but I’ll conced to the fact that it is a rather old design by now.

And a closing note…Jonathan Ive has the same taste in cars as me, I’d buy the same brand if money wasn’t an issue.

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