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On the Wikipedia barricades

After the Wikipedia controversy that surfaced over the last couple of weeks, I’ve decided to join the “merry band of vandals” that make up the community of Wikipedians – e.g. I’ve become an active contributor to Wikipedia.

For proof look here:
*Danish Wikipedia
*English Wikipedia
*Wikimedia Commons

Just by chance I stumbled upon Kim Schumacher while surfing the web, and much to my surprise, I found that there was no Wikipedia entry about him.

Dam-Da-Dam. To the rescue! There’s now a danish Kim Schumacher Wikipedia biography, thanks to yours truly.

It’s not close to being as detailed as the bio on, but I’m quite pleased with it for now.

I’m also pleased to report that a fellow Wikipedian picked up on a serious mistake I made, and we actually collaborated on the article less than 15 minuttes after I first posted it. I’m pretty impressed.

This being said, the Danish Wikipedia is in serious need of some work. The mistake I made was that I created, and used, a template that already existed, of course under a completely different name than the English template, and the Danish template was not refered from the English template (being a “good” Wikipedian, it’s now up to me to fix that). But some naming conventions should be enforced more rigourously, and the addition of template wizards would make it much easier to create new articles. An offline, or rich, client would really help.

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