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America Supports You

America Supports You

To follow up on the NORAD Tracks Santa post, I decided to check out some of the related links on site, and stumpled upon the “America Supports You” site. I had a flash-back to one of the promotional videos that are shown in the movie “Starship Troopers”. Scary indeed

Scariness appart…I sort of support the American troops, and I think it’s a shame that Europe always let Uncle Sam do the hard work, even when it comes to solving conflicts that are clearly within the European sphere of influence. For an obvious example, just look to the intervention by the allies during the conflict in Yugoslavia that followed after the breakup of the federation. The European Union just sat on their backs while a new holocaust was taking place on our doorsteps. Thank you America for doing the arm twisting that finally stopped the conflict, where atrocities on a scale, not seen since World War II, were committed on all sides of the conflict.

That being said, I do see problems in the isolation that America seems to be putting itself into. When I was in New York in 2004 I felt that paranoia (caused by what I’d label “Post 911 stress syndrome”) was running rampant. America feels alone in the so called “war on terror”, so it’s important that Denmark, even though we’re a small country, are actively involved in the “war on terror”, since I believe that we have a different approach than the americans. The alternative could be that it would be “Uncle Sam against the world”. I’m proud of what our troops are doing in around the world, not only being involved in Afghanistan and Iraq, but also in Kosovo and Sudan.

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