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Why I’m not wearing a white armband

Make Poverty History is a noble cause – IMHO the noblest of causes since the “Free Mandela” movement, but I refuse to wear a white armband…Why?

Well…I believe in direct action.

Money is fine, and it’s needed to run campaigns, websites etc. But I don’t need any tokens to display my support for a worthy cause. I’d prefer if Make Poverty History was financed by donations and house-to-house visits, like the Danish NGOs Dansk Flygtningehjælp and Dansk Røde Kors.

But from now on my website will be carrying a “white armband”, since I’ve be added a “MAKE POVERTY HISTORY” banner, but one without any graphics showing the armband.

I’m not getting involved as a volunteer, I have my hands full in Mjølnerparken, but I’ll show my support.

BTW congratulations to Bono, Bill and Melinda Gates on the “TIME Persons of the year award”, you’ve earned it. The new found philantrophy of Mr and Mrs Gates must be one of the major surprises of the last couple of years, I supose that they’re building a legacy, other than that of greedy businessmen. I also remember the words of Bill Gates from “The Road Ahead”, where he ponders the possibility that he could “be broke in 10 years, so what!”…Bill Gates IS a decent man, and he actually saved Apple with his investment 5 years ago, an investment that has paid itself back several times, since the Apple shares have soared since then. I’m done with Gates bashing for good, it’s so immature (am I growing up?).

PS: I’m adding the banner because I saw a TV “commercial” for UNESCAP, where the president of the organisation said “We Can Do It” in reference to “Make Poverty History”…Yes we CAN, but PEOPLE get on the barricades and start building, instead of making indirect senseless donations through hip armbands, that will soon go out of fashion. Something that “real” charity never does.

PPS: I’ve joined the “Make Poverty History” online community – I’d like to see what they’re up to.

PPPS: Nelson Mandela WAS eventually set free, and rose to become president of the Republic of South Africa, so might succeed – I wish them luck.

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