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fUSION Anomaly.

fUSION Anomaly.

I just stumbled upon the fUSION Anomaly site and it is an intriguing site, I found my self being sucked into the Anomaly. So how did I stumble upon this site, well it was caused by random surfing, and I decided to document the strange trail that let me there. It was triggered by a picture of the Aurora Borealis that was posted on the web-site, I then surfed to the web-site of the person who posted the picture, and discovered that he had misspelled “Aurora Borealis”, so I went to Google to confirm that it was misspelled, and this let me to the fUSION Anomaly Aurora Borealis page. The page caught my interest, with the reference to James Gosling and the Isis satellites. The pure mention of Isis was enough to send me on a surfing safari of the fUSION Anomaly site.

The site has a lot of interesting and strange content, and is filled references to science, science fiction, the occult, mysticism, literature, technology and lot’s of other things.

I’m not sure what to make of it, but a lot of the content is music related, and I seem to share some music preferences with the author – Atomjack.

The site is filled with interesting hyper-links, and it’s only natural that fUSION Anomaly also features a Wiki – it has inspired me to do the same, just to see what happens.

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fUSION Anomaly.

An engenius website. The only fault being that it is slow to up date. And the why the chicken crossed the road argument outstanded me.

I know not who Kim Bach is, but he/she is endeed right about fUSION Anomaly!

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