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WWJD 3 – Results! – Engadget

WWJD 3 – Results! – Engadget

Engadget asked it’s readers to come up with some suggestions for “What Would Steve Jobs Do”, before the Feb-28th “fun” products event. Well I think the readers came up with some very funny, and even credible suggestions. I like the sleek iPod Talk concept, that promises to bring back the dial-phone by emulating a dial using the click-wheel – wow!

The MacBaby is too cute, and the OiPPC (One iPod Per Child) promises to deliver the first sub 100$ iPod LOL!. I think that the most ground-breaking mock-up is the Nintendo inspired MacBook DS (Dual-Screen), replacing the keyboard with a touch screen that can be reconfigured so that it could display a music keyboard instead of a regular keyboard.

Take a look for your self, and see if you, like I, agree that some of the artists should be hired by Apple.

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