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Manu Cornet’s website – PCkapring nu på Dansk

Manu Cornet’s website PCJacking/PCKapring

Så er Manu Cornets PCJacking side tilgængelig på Dansk, takket være undertegnede. Nyd…

Og skal vi SÅ komme i gang!

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[…] I’d like to change a few things…Linux is important, but probably too complicated, OpenOffice, Firefox, Gimp and Gaim are much more important projects for the end user, since they don’t have to switch their entire platform. The print on the Ubuntu CD actually reads something like this: “The default installation will destroy the data on your computer”. OUCH! I’d also like us to have install instructions in Danish, and I should have brought my translation of Manu Cornet’s website PC-hijacking. […]

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