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Surf’s up at the Damhus lake: Wi-Fi everywhere

While biking home from Copenhagen city tonight, I made a short pit-stop, mostly to enjoy the scenery by the Damhus lake, but also to recharge my iPod shuffle, that possibility existed because my PowerBook was fully charged. I flipped the screen open, logged on to Mac OS X: lo- and behold, much to my surprise, an open Wi-Fi network announced itself. Surf’s up in the normally quiet Damhus lake. The open network is called rulykke and it can be accessed from the path that trails the south eastern shore of the Damhus lake.

Experiences like this really makes me consider removing the encryption from my network, it’s a nice way to protest against the monopoly like status of the TelCos. Network access wants to be free. Tak rulykke network – du er bare alletiders!!!

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