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MacBook – first impressions (I’ve actually touched one!)

As it will be known to longtime readers (do I have any?), I usually comment on Apple’s new product releases. This time however, I’ve decided to base my first entry regarding the new MacBook consumer laptop from Apple, on hands-on-experience.

Friday I swung by the humac/Magasin store, and pressed my nose to the window for a glimpse of the MacBook (WhiteBook), it looked really cool, so I decided to pay the store a visit saturday.

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Looking for Isis – The sacred feminine is missing from the Da Vinci Code movie

Sony Pictures – The Da Vinci Code

I hadn’t really planned to go watch the Da Vinci Code movie, but then a discussion started on one of my favourite hangouts,, and I ordered a ticket. Pure impulse, I really need to work on that ;-).

I actually read the book before it became really big. I picked it up in JFK Airport in April 2004, on my way home from my visit to New York City, mostly because I needed something to read on the long flight, and the title, and the cover notes, sounded interesting.

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IDC Nordic – Linux 2006

IDC Nordic – Linux 2006

Onsdag deltog jeg i IDC Nordics Linux event, “Linux on Enterprise”.

Selv om arrangementet havde overskriften Linux, må det siges at en stor del af arrangementet handlede om Open Source, åbne standarder og øl(!).