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Reboot8: YOU’RE WEAK!!!

Reboot8: The Feedback Loop at Binary Bonsai

You Are Weak Says Ben HammersleyYes I attended reboot last week, and it was great, even though a bit taxing.

Binary Bonsai is maintaining a “Reboot8 Feedback Loop”, maybe a good place to check for updates.

I agree 100+% with this comment:

This in particular was why Ben Hammersley’s talk on ‘Being a Renaissance Man’ was great. Not only is Ben of course fantastic at delivering his material, but he manages to drive home his points by tying everything into practical here-and-now applicability, and he does so during his entire talk, not waiting to drive his point home at the end where people have drifted off to the backchannel anyway.

Ben Hammersley’s address to wild cheers, was more like attending a great sports event. Ben had to jump violently to fix a bad connection to the projector, I’ve heard that was caused by some water in unsafe proximity to a PowerBook, but it really seemed like an integrated part of his show.

It was truly inspiring to hear Ben tell us, that there is no such thing as information overload, and that it’s a lame excuse, for not producing some world changing things, so we can have a new renaissance, no YOU’RE WEAK!!! Da Vinci would have killed for a PowerBook.

So now I’ve begun creating again, or rather “stealing from the best”, and it feels GREAT!

  • Steal from the best
  • View source
  • Be passionate
  • Kiss a girl (or a boy)?

2/4 so far, not bad…Still looking for the “best” and/or a girl ;-).


Jeg rebooter baby, huskede jeg at gemme?

ps. The picture was “stolen” from svanes’ flickr photos.

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