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“Jeg rebooter baby”.

And the first result of that has been posted to my new Projects Wiki page. An RSS feed proxy script for the forum at my favourite hang-around Pure reverse engineering, since the sysop seems to refuse to get with the programme. Edit: This comment naturally pissed him off. Sorry 1000x – hope he’ll forgive me – it’s a fact that he didn’t refuse it, I never asked, but he didn’t “return” call until I released the hack. Oh well some kinds of participation isn’t kosher, so I really think that I should remove the project, especially if the sysop asks for it. I actually violated a VERY basic rule of the game! Hope I’ve learned a lesson, and that Mr. PowerPalle, the wise one, accepts my apology.

My Wiki is restricted to registered Users only, but feel free to join in on the fun – participate, co-create.

Suggest projects, no matter what! Particpate! Tell me if the barriers are too high, and I’ll lower them!


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