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FIFA World Cup 2006: Go Ghana! – The Official Site of FIFA World Cup

I love football, and especially the world cup, but this year I hadn’t really caught the bug, most likely because Denmark didn’t qualify.

For me the world cup began today, and that was caused by the Czech Republic vs. Ghana, that resulted in a 2-0 Ghaneese win.

The Czechs was my favourite team until today, but now I’m hoping for Ghana, we really need an African champion, but that is highly unlikely, the African teams usually get defeated by their lack of discipline, like in 1998, where Nigeria was defeated by Denmark in the 1/8 final.

And what did Ghana do after they made 2:0, they substituted with a…STRIKER!!! Pimpong who plays in FC København, and he almost made it 3:0! A boring European coach would have substituted with a defensive player, and stopped playing. “Gutsiest move I ever saw”!

Remember the disgraceful exit of Denmark in 2002? After the match the coach said that he didn’t make offensive substitutions to avoid a humiliating defeat, what a WHIMP! I don’t care if we loose 10:0 or 1:0, do something!

Go Ghana!

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