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Getting hyped up after being in serious Mac nerd mode

I’m having some success in terms of business, right now, but Thursday I got carried away and went into serious nerd mode, after visiting a potential client that had a sweet Mac set-up, an entire professional sound studio.

I connected my PowerBook to the network, and minutes later I was streaming my newly purchased Clotaire K album over iTunes to the studio monitors.

It’s so great to meet other dedicated Mac users, it’s more like a brotherhood.

I really want to go out and get my self a MIDI keyboard now.

The interesting thing was that I was lugging my Mac mini with me, wanting to suggest that my customer get one to use as a file server, I had no idea that they already had two Macs.

This customer is ripe for switching. The Macs are used in the music studios, but all the other pcs they have are Windows based, a classical example of the popular belief that Macs are only good for creative work. My strategy will be to start switching them away from using Outlook.

After showing the studio guy Chicken of the VNC and the VNC support build into Mac OS X Tiger, he went out and activated it on their other Mac and lo and behold it showed up in Bonjour.

Activating the VNC server in Mac OS X is really, really simple:
Systempreferences/Sharing/Apple Remote Desktop. Choose “Accesscontorl” and “Allow VNC clients to control the screen”. Remember to protect the VNC server with a password, and to activate the users that should be allowed to use VNC.

I also showed him our macwiki development site, and he was quite impressed, I even updated the site with some information, for instance he pointed me to the Danish communities for sound professionals Lydmaskinen and, and the free iCal hosting service iCalX.

But so far I’ve gotten two paying customers that use Macs this year, not bad.

Unfortunately being in “Mac nerd mode” like that can have some serious side-effects on me, check the categories for this post for hints…

You can get carried away by the love for the platform, and it actually resulted in “some fallout” later that night. Luckily I took a “chill-pill” (too late maybe – I’m so sorry that I might have hurt someone in the process – but I feel that I’m in control of my life, unlike last year).

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