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Reboot8: Co-Creation Rules Workshop

Co-Creation Rules – Reboot

You know it’s been three months since reboot8, my first reboot ever…

And it actually rebooted me, it just took some time, and it was such a taxing experience that I only attended day one! Opting to stay in bed on day 2.

What I experienced on day 1 was indeed inspiring, but I didn’t really grasp the concept of co-creation until maybe these last few weeks, or even the entire format of the reboot event. I hope to be able to co-create more fully next year.

The Co-Creation Rules workshop was great.

We played games, like the game of slow-motion samurai, where we all ended up laying on the floor, and despite low odds, I finished third, even though it wasn’t a competive game, it sort of provoked you to stay alive, since all the people in the room were brandishing tainted virtual samurai swords, and they were trying to kill you in slow motion.

Dead simple, and that is how you reboot people and get them to talk.

But I have a question…Do you actually need rules for co-creation…I’m reviewing them again…Since I’m finally “getting it” (I think).

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