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Review: Bob Log III in Stengade Copenhagen: the fastest hand in the west – THIS I’m trained for

Bob Log the thirdThe fastest 5 piece (foot number one, foot number two, “monkey hand”, “beer drinking hand” and voice) band in the world, Bob Log III came (didn’t see a a G.. D… thing) and CONQUERED Stengade 30 on fridag the 20th-2006.

I was very lucky…I was in the bar, and suddenly you hear this amazing fast blues slide, and I see a man in black and a helmet brandishing a guitar walking towards the stage from the back of the room, I followed in his footsteps, making it all the way “ringside”, like another hype-man, you could have me mistaken for being just that on that night, read my closing comment re. the mosh-pit.

What a performance, I haven’t had that much fun since I saw Mojo Nixon ca. 1991.

Not much to say about the performance – SORRY GUYS YOU MISSED IT! Check the web-site and see for yourself that you should have turned off the TV and come to Stengade 30 on that night.

Thank you eT for dragging me out yesterday.

ps. People can’t dance, and regarding the pogo/mosh-pit…In the eternal words of Steven Seagal THIS I’m trained for, people are just a little too uncontrolled and anti-social these days, I think I thought them a less(i)on or two…

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