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With Firefox 2, Mozilla touts security and speed | CNET

Firefox-TitleWith Firefox 2, Mozilla touts security and speed | CNET

FirefoXXXy 2.0 has been released, and so far it’s gr8! All my feeds and quick links (e.g. the WordPress bookmarklets that I couldn’t live without) still works. The UI is a little sleeker, and it seems more responsive. I’ve also installed my first plug-ins – the new spelling dictionaries – and yes, there’s one in Danish, can’t wait to let it loose on my Wiki projects, if it works, this is really, really good news.

Nothing runs like a Fox (hey wasn’t that the motto of a Microsoft product sometime?)

On a curious note, the Firefox team received a cake from the Microsoft IE team congratulating them on shipping. I REALLY REALLY like the Microsoft IE team!

“The key focus in Firefox 2 is making sure that what we are focusing on is tightness and efficiency–with the ability of turning that browser into exactly what one needs, focusing on security, stability and speed,” said Mike Beltzner, who Mozilla describes as its “phenomenologist.”

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