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ardentepatience – @

ardentepatience – @

Ah mainteneant ça marche votre musique embede! Merci! C’est beau ça.

Hmm it seems that I’m in SERIOUS need of a French WordPress category now (I need to embed some English language in this post for it to qualify in the Kim Blog (English) category)!!!

Hmmx2 I suspect that the reason the stream didn’t work is because I stress my Mac by never closing anything leaving 20 applications and 70 Firefox tabs open at any time.

Have to check out Camino.

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YouTube – Wordbirds’ samtaler – ordleg

YouTube – Wordbirds’ samtaler – ordleg

Tak til Wordbirds fordi jeg kom i tanke om resultatet af en klassisk tråd, som jeg ikke lige kan finde fordi PowerPalle har Macnyt til service eftersyn og har lukket søgefunktionen.

Nu er mit favorit hangout ikke IRL, men TÆNK hvis det var…

Der var også nogle der ikke var så glad for den.

Men kort sagt:


ps…Ahhh her er den (advarsel den tager LANG tid at loade, men jeg har lige sagt Gem som HTML, og så gør vi den klæbrig et andet sted. Som ren HTML loader den som en Kitty Kat!

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KAFFE&VINYL: Ethiopian Jazz ROCKS!

KAFFE&VINYL: Ethiopian Jazz ROCKS!KAFFE&VINYL: Ethiopian Jazz ROCKS! (Originally uploaded by K.Job).

KAFFE&VINYL is one of the coolest new places in Copenhagen, located in Skydebanegade 4, Vesterbro (my old hood).

KAFFE&VINYL is a coffeshop combined with a record store that predominatly sells vinyl records and EXELLENT coffe. When I was there somebody bought some Ethiopian Jazz, it’s obviously a BIG seller, and you can understand why, really groovy, to me it sounded a lot like the best hip-hop acts like Madlib.

KAFFE&VINYL is HIGHLY recommended, but could be addictive, but he carries almost no hip-hop, which is wise because the owner has no knowledge of the genre.

While I was there, and suggested that he should carry some, especially since it, along with punk and electronica, is the genre that has done most for the survival of the vinyl format, a woman in the store remarked that it should be banned! How IGNORANT, it’s like saying Jazz is bad just because bad Jazz exists.

Eventually it turned out that he did indeed have some hip-hop, the owner Christian, isn’t a fundamentalist, he also carries CDs.

RESPECTxtilted figure eight.

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Giselle was staring at me…

…and I bought a 12″ vinyl on the spot, now I need a 1210?

12″ vinyl records are also being bought by teenagers to decorate their rooms, because they think that they look cool. This reminds me of something I experienced a few years ago, where I overheard this conversation on the train…

Teenager inspecting a 12″: “This is really cool, but do you understand how music comes out of it?”.

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YouTube – Royksopp – Eple

YouTube – Royksopp – Eple

This is ONE amazing music video, it captures the spirit of Scandinavia IMHO. I just love spotting the buildings from Copenhagen in it…

Installing Mac OS X Panther gave me the chills, and I didn’t realise/remember that the track was called Eple until last week…

ps. Panthers are SOOO much kewler than Tigers…But Leopards!!! Miaow!!!

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YouTube – iPod Shuffle commercial

YouTube – iPod Shuffle

This is my favorite Apple commerical of all time…

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Green room – WiKim

Green room – WiKim

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Clinton Forbes: I will answer your questions: 10 Pros & Cons of switching from Windows to Mac OS X

Clinton Forbes: will answer your questions: 10 Pros & Cons of switching from Windows to Mac OS X

This is a PRETTY good list of the pros and cons of switching from Windows to Mac OS X.

Quote from Clinton Forbes weblog:

Overall I couldn’t be happier with my Mac Mini purchase. I’m not misty-eyed enough to think that it is completely angelic and perfect, but it is a major step above using Windows XP. And unless you are a rabid freedom-fighter it is a step above any Linux distribution out there. KDE and GNOME are still a long way away from achieving the polish that Apple has delivered with Mac OS X. And the next release, with lots of nice improvements, is only a couple of months away…

I totally agree…Get a Mac mini cheapest model to get your feet wet…It’s the PERFECT entertainment centre.

I have also invested in a Elgato eyeTV, and I’m ditching my old CRT in favour of a projector, FrontRow is aboslutely WONDERFUL, I usually stream music from my PowerBook, I used to use an AirPort Express to do that, but using FrontRow is SO much better, I love the remote. And now I’m investing in a mStation Tower, so my NAD amplifier and my speakers are being relegated to the back room.

So that I can watch, and record analog and Digitral Terestial TV, especially DR2.

Mac mini the cheapest COOL computer on the market!

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Rencontre d’elle…mais bien sur!

TXT…Ajouter…MORK: Ne oublié pas ton destin…d’accord Normal-Hansen?

Allouette…Allouette dormez vous dormez vous?

Mes yeux sont ouvert!

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– Danske Sange – Jeg ved en lærkerede

– Danske Sange – Jeg ved en lærkerede