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KAFFE&VINYL: Ethiopian Jazz ROCKS!

KAFFE&VINYL: Ethiopian Jazz ROCKS!KAFFE&VINYL: Ethiopian Jazz ROCKS! (Originally uploaded by K.Job).

KAFFE&VINYL is one of the coolest new places in Copenhagen, located in Skydebanegade 4, Vesterbro (my old hood).

KAFFE&VINYL is a coffeshop combined with a record store that predominatly sells vinyl records and EXELLENT coffe. When I was there somebody bought some Ethiopian Jazz, it’s obviously a BIG seller, and you can understand why, really groovy, to me it sounded a lot like the best hip-hop acts like Madlib.

KAFFE&VINYL is HIGHLY recommended, but could be addictive, but he carries almost no hip-hop, which is wise because the owner has no knowledge of the genre.

While I was there, and suggested that he should carry some, especially since it, along with punk and electronica, is the genre that has done most for the survival of the vinyl format, a woman in the store remarked that it should be banned! How IGNORANT, it’s like saying Jazz is bad just because bad Jazz exists.

Eventually it turned out that he did indeed have some hip-hop, the owner Christian, isn’t a fundamentalist, he also carries CDs.

RESPECTxtilted figure eight.

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Whenever I’m in Copenhagen, I’ll visit the Kaffe&Vinyl! Coffee & Vinyl seems a good combination! Love both…actually I started a couple of months ago a podcast dedicated to jazz vinyl jewels. I regularly digitally record jazz vinyl and wrap them up in podshows. You might wanna visit my jazz vinyl blog & podcast at:

Enjoy 😉

Fresh sounds

@Fresh Sounds,

Thank you for your comment.

And that sounds really KEWL, I’ll subscribe to your podcast, and spread the word.

I actually went “all in”, and bought a wonderfully simple Pro-Ject turntable from Christian.

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