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CodeGear | Delphi for PHP – promising IDE for PHP development

CodeGear | Delphi for PHP

I’ve just discovered the product Delphi for PHP and it looks very promissing.

Based on the qstudio project from qadram, Delphi for PHP is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for PHP, here’s what Borland writes on it’s CodeGear site:

Revolutionize Your PHP Web Development

Delphi® for PHP revolutionizes PHP web development with Delphi’s proven visual Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach for accelerated visual PHP web development. Delphi for PHP is the fast and easy way to build robust PHP web applications.

Some highlights:

Delphi® for PHP

The RAD visual PHP development environment

  • Delphi’s proven visual (RAD) framework for PHP
  • Delphi’s comprehensive PHP for VCL libraries
  • Sophisticated editing and integrated debugging speeds up the process of tracking down bugs and errors in the code
  • Integrated development environment streamlines code management and navigation so managing and organizing PHP code has never been easier.
  • Open source runtime
  • Out of the box support for MySQL and InterBase

The IDE runs on Windows only, but the applications can be deployed to any application server running Apache, Internet Information Server and PHP5.

Priced at $299 (introductory price $249) it sounds like good value for money, there are accademic discounts, so you can get it for $99, and you can download a free trail version.

I’ve always loved Borland’s products for their powerful IDEs, and PHP has clearly been lacking a product, like Delphi for PHP, with professional support, and a great out-of-the-box experience.

DAPUG is organising a 2 day Delphi for PHP Workshop dedicated to Delphi, at the Hotel Hesselet in Nyborg, Denmark, on the 1st and 2nd of May 2007.

Read more about Delphi for PHP

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