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There’s an Opera in my laptop…

…and my PDA and and my gaming console and my cell phone and my…

Besides Opera being one of the best cross-platform browsers for full-size computers, gaming consoles and PDAs, Opera also has the product Opera Mini, which is a world class HTML browser written in Java for mobile devices. I’ve been using Opera Mini since last Friday, and it runs great on my Nokia 6070, and most likely, any cellphone currently on the market.

If you have a Java capable cellphone – chances are that you do – do yourself a big favour and get Opera Mini, even though your service provider will be the most happy…Me I need a different subscription plan, because I’ll never use my phone for TEXTing and calling anymore, instead I’ll check my Jaiku overview page VERY often. Highly recommended, so what are you waiting for – point your bundled cellphone browser to NOW!

Operapowered CombadgeWhat will they think of next? Remember: Picard loves Opera…The future: Opera Powered…ENGAGE!

Opera: it MIGHT be the last (and first) browser you’ll ever wear.

(the picture above is the result of a manipulation of an image from Wikipedia: Star trek voyager communicator pin created by Steevven1 and the Opera logo, sandwiched together by yours truly. I hope the Opera guys will forgive me for using their logo – hmm this “brown-nosing” might help: thanks for the T-Shirts, stickers, straps, demos and great conversation @reboot9.0 – you guys rock. Disclaimer: is in no way associated with Opera ASA, but I do like their “merchandise” ;-)).

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We’re glad to hear that you liked Opera goodies and enjoyed reboot 🙂 We met many good and passionate people there and it’s always encourging to meet our users. Support we get from someone like you help us spreading Opera experiences and make our products better.

Cheers from Opera team,

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