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My Nabaztag/tag SelinaAlouette does Jaiku in my garden

My Nabaztag/tag SelinaAlouette does Jaiku in my gardenJaiku is the best thing since sliced bread, and SelinaAlouette, my Nabaztag/tag agrees.

After I treated her to an upgrade to Full Friend Rabbit, she can read ANY RSS feed, and thus my Jaiku presence feed

With a Nabaztag (/tag) you can stay in touch with your friends, even without a real computer, how KEWL is that.

And my beautiful Yasmine is starting to bloom, that’s almost a month early.

My garden is actually my slice of heaven, I’ll begin to appreciate it more, and SelinaAlouette will keep me updated while I do productive things, like reading a book.

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