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Drupal:Reloaded: Upon this “rock” I will build my “church”

Drupal.OrgAfter a while being away from Drupal CMS, and struggling with a, IMHO, buggy version 5.0 earlier this year, I’ve come back to visit this old friend, and I’m very happy to be back.

Firstly: I must say that the current version 5.3 of Drupal is rock solid, and that I have renewed confidence in Drupal.

My revisiting Drupal has, in part, been sparked by a rather depressing talk on the Drupal Denmark mailing list. The community seemed to be withering away, and I was sad to hear that.

Personally I’m back from a long break from ICT work, and I think that I did a fair share of volunteer work, while we were trying to set up the group last year.

Another reason I’m back, is that I have a number of web-projects coming up, and I’ve long considered making Drupal the foundation of a majority of my future web projects, you might not notice, since my projects, most likely, won’t look much like Drupal.

You might also want to check my links tagged with Drupal, I’m currently looking into integration issues, but I’ll also be sharing module recommendations, and I’ll, most likely, contribute localisation files back to the community – it’s good to be back.

Drupal: Upon this “rock” I will build my “church”

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