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Stay while I recount the crazy TF2 kill I managed yesterday, my friends.
I’ll spare you my dream then…Nah…Thugs were trying to kill me because they didn’t like that I tried to stop them from killing dogs, for fun, by wailing like a ghost. A kid in the supermarket wouldn’t stop his lift, just kept on going, sliding me through the aisle, eventually dropping the load. The he gave me two bananas that began morphing into a potted plastic flower that spewed some nasty stuff, I told him that I hoped he had to cover the damages from his allowance! BAD! BAD! Kid – ugly too, a nasty redheaded geek with glasses and pimples. That’s when I woke up – thank God!

The comic-stip is from the wonderful xkdc, this one really hit home, and I’ve been waiting for the chance to use it a blog post.

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