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Take the “Pepsi-challenge” Google+

With all the talk about g00g+ (Google+), and the comparision with facebook, I came to think about a regular usecase on facebook, can I do that on g00g+ – today?

  1. Create a page for an organisation
  2. Create an event for that organisation
  3. Invite people to the event
  4. Update the people of the organisation
  5. Update the attendees of the event
  6. Create a campaign to promote the event and/or the organisation

All of the above, is possible to with facebook in approx. 15 minutes.

So take the Pepsi-challenge g00g+

Crossposted to | g00g+ | twitter | facebook | Illustration from the brilliant comic XKCD – Fanø you Mr. Randall Munroe for luring me to Google+, guess I made a splash though 😉


I’ve included a link to a discussion about the challenges businesses are facing with g00g+ from Advice Digital (in Danish) advice digital: Google+ udfordrer virksomheders digitale position by René Clausen Nielsen and Birgitte Raben. They have answered my questions: “you can’t do this – yet”. I really doubt g00g can top facebook on this – but we should all embrace, and welcome, the competion, and g00g are good at “stealing” ideas.

Update: July 19th 2011

I’ve included a link to a discussion from “digitale tanker: Thoughts on Google+ and links to great reviews” – someday I might “get” “circles” – I’ve focused on a business oriented use-case here.

Update: July 25th 2011

I’ve included a link to an article by Henriette Weber “The social network on steroids – my first thoughts on Google +” – she’s also talking about “circles” – which I still don’t get. BTW, the only reason I noticed this article was because she shared it on…Google+ 😉

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