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HARDSTYLE! Willkommen nach Welthauptstadt Berlin – World Cup – Association football illustrated in dance #sambabold #vmdr #vmdk

After the humiliating defeat by the brazilian association football team, I got this idea that what happened was a clash of culture and that it could be illustrated with differences in music and the way people in dance in different cultures.

The brazilian way of playing football is often compared to the dance of samba,so much so that the Danish National Broadcaster TV2 is using the hashtag #sambabold during the World Cup.

To illustrate the 1-7 defeat I turned to “hardstyle” an aggressive dance style that originated in europe, Belgium, but is popular in Germany.

HAAAARRRRDDDDDSTYYYYLLLEE! Willkommen nach Welthauptstadt Berlin

But I believe that Brazil will return, and thjs what happens when “Hardstyle” is given a “brazilian wax”, the style is called “Rebolation”, “Hardstyle” made sexy.

ps. Argentina is the clear winner in dance and music, and why don’t we just celebrate the World Cup, dance and music and all do the “Electro swing” <3


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