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Where do blogs go when they “die”?

No 404For the last couple of days I have been investigating why I couldn’t make conditional feature installation work in a Microsoft Installer (MSI) package.

Google to the rescue, but it sent me in a lot of different directions, none to the point, but then I finally managed to formulate the correct search terms:

Google search: installshield conditionally install feature

And on page two this article showed up:

MSI Application Packaging: Conditionally Installing a Feature

Here I found the solution I was looking for: have each feature, conditionally, set the INSTALLLEVEL property “correctly”, the last bit was not as simple as I thought.

Oldie but goodie

But…WAIT…That article is from 2005, and the newest entry on the blog is from 2005! The author seems to have lost interest after a few months of activity.

It’s quite amazing that a blog, that has been “dead” for 12 yrs, could give me the solution.

This is why you might want to go for a “hosted” blog solution, like Blogspot, instead of hosting your blog yourself.

If you do, there’s a better chance that your content won’t get vandalised due to unpatched software, go to eternal bit fields because you stop paying, in short avoid the dreaded error 404s.

This page must get significant traffic, and a lot of people might have benefitted from this, still I was the first to leave a comment.

So you wanna live forever?

OTOH, does it really matter? “I”‘m on and so is MSI Application Packaging

And you might not be aware of this, but the Danish Royal Library is harvesting content from the entire Danish web: Netarkivet (The Net Archive) — Det Kgl. Bibliotek too.

The content is only available to researchers through Kulturarvsclusteret (The Cultural Heritage Cluster) – Big data møder dansk kulturarv — Det Kgl. Bibliotek.

So just make your site available for indexing, ie. crawling, and you’re gonna live “forever”.

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